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The Importance of Primary Care Medicine Shouldn’t be Overlooked

The Importance of Primary Care  Medicine Shouldn’t be OverlookedThe good news is, that there are reliable ways to stay healthy and live your life with the quality and wellness that you long for.
This steadfast advice begins with routine care.
Primary care is essential. The first step is to practice prevention. The age-old saying is “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, ” and that is true! Disease and disorders are prevented or easily treated if discovered early on. So, the first step in prevention is to see your primary care physician.
With the proper testing, many diseases can be caught in the initial stages, treated, cured, or kept at bay. Your doctor plays a huge role in your preventative health. Your physician has a special relationship with you, and also multiple specialists that can provide advanced treatment and diagnosis for numerous conditions. Medicine is at a cutting-edge age, and the tests that are available now can show even minuscule changes in your health. It’s critical to make regular check up’s with your primary care physician and also to schedule appointments if you notice any changes in your health.
Primary Care physicians keep track of your health They know what you need, what your medical history is, what you’re allergic to, and they keep detailed records, which is critical when you need to change medications, acquire a new disorder, or need to see a specialist.
Vaccinations must be kept up to date. This is a critical step for all ages. However, as we age, our bodies and immunity change, making us more susceptible to diseases and infections. One of the most important inoculations is the influenza vaccine.
Since 90% of flu-related deaths are in adults over the age of 65, it’s important to plan ahead, as there are ways to prevent the flu. Along with the traditional flu shot, there is a high-dose flu vaccine. This high dose vaccine is ideal for the elderly population because it contains three different flu strains, which makes staving off the flu virus, much easier. It also contains more antigens, than a standard flu shot, which creates antibodies that fight the virus.
If you had chicken pox when you were younger, getting a shingles vaccination is significantly important. Anyone with the chicken pox virus also has the shingles virus living inside of his or her body. The Shingles rash can be extremely painful and can cause undue stress for the elderly. It’s imperative to speak to your physician about getting this immunization. If you have already had the shingles virus, you can still get the virus again. A vaccine is just as important for those individuals.
Every ten years we need to have a tetanus booster to keep the vaccine active. If you are injured, you should get a tetanus shot immediately. During your primary care visit, please make sure to talk with your provider about this booster or vaccine as well.
High quality primary care is multimodal—Revello Medical and Wellness Centers specialize in advanced, comprehensive medicine.
Revello Medical and Wellness is a family owned and operated medical practice founded in 1992. Upon arriving, our patients feel the warmth and familiarity from our front office staff, and that continues all the way through your visit with one of our dedicated physicians. Our Physicians are always prepared to give you the personalized care you need and deserve and to pursue quality of excellence in your care.
At Revello Medical and Wellness we specialize in the excellence of patient care by offering compassionate and personal health care, providing free home delivery of your prescriptions, scheduling of same-day appointments when necessary, offering a one of a kind activity centers. All of these things combined and so much more makes Revello Medical and Wellness your first choice in medical care, and together, we will strive to make a healthier you.
• Same day appointment when necessary
• 24 hour physician on call, seven days a week
• Bilingual Doctors & Staff
• Complete Physicals, well woman exams and immunizations
• Lab draws on-site
• Preventive Care Services
• Cholesterol screening and management
• On-site Echoes, vascular studies, Pulmonary
Function Test, and EKG
• Wound Care
• Patient care Coordinators and Case Managers
• Transportation
• Daily Activities
• Cooking & Art Classes
• Silver Sneakers
• Yoga
• Health Education Seminars
• Athletic Physicals
• Nutritional Teachings
• Medical Weight Loss and Management
• Support in maintaining prescription cost to a minimum
• Optional FREE home delivery for prescriptions
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