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The Parathyroid 4D-CT Scan For Quick, Accurate Discovery

The Parathyroid 4D-CT Scan  For Quick, Accurate DiscoveryThe best detection is early detection, and the best diagnostic tool for the early discovery of parathyroid disease is the 4D-CT, a specialized four-dimensional imaging system that can discover abnormal parathyroid glands and tumors smaller than a grain of rice. Performed with or without contrast dye, 4D-CT delivers amazing clarity of the parathyroid glands as well as lesions, abnormal positioning and other irregularities, even in their earliest stages.
“In as little as 5 minutes, this highly sensitive scan can spot parathyroid problems other imaging scans can miss,” says radiologist Dr. Fredric Wollett. “4D-CT can help patients avoid exploratory surgery in order to determine and locate a problem, which is tremendous.” The scan takes only minutes, though with prep and possible contrast use the appointment may take about an hour.
“4D-CT is so sensitive, it can discover abnormal parathyroid glands in nearly all cases in which they are present,” says radiologist Dr. Malcolm Williamson. “It is completely painless and noninvasive and can help us detect abnormal glands while they’re quite tiny and easily operable.”
In addition, parathyroid 4D-CT can also assist in the planning of any necessary surgery, including re-
operations of patients who have had previous parathyroid surgery. “Lots of people whose cases were deemed outside surgical treatment now have new options,” says radiologist Dr. John Boon. “This test will help determine the best treatment option for more people dealing with parathyroid disease.”
RAO’s team of Board Certified subspecializing radiologists read all imaging results personally, and consult directly with your referring clinician.
In most cases, 4D-CT is covered by insurance. Patients with mild to moderate kidney disease may still be eligible for this scan.
“Advances in medicine and technology have made a world of difference in parathyroid disease discovery and assessment,” says radiologist Dr. Ralf Barckhausen. “People with unresolved parathyroid disease should talk to their clinicians about 4D-CT. A better life may be just around the corner.”
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