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The Slow Cadence Fitness Revolution: How Does it Work?

While most individuals want to be fit, more toned and leaner, the biggest hurdles are time and discouragement.
Many gym membership sales representatives make false promises and misleading claims, playing off your desire to lose those extra pounds. But the truth is, we’ve been going about it all wrong. What we think we know about getting and staying fit, is inaccurate.
Since the 1940s, a method has been practiced and studied that not many people have heard of, and the results far outweigh traditional exercise. The savvy people that use this particular technique have real results that last.
Author and psychotherapist, Richard Carlson said it best, The old adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” – isn’t always correct. In fact, the suspicion, cynicism, and doubt that are inherent in this belief can and does keep people from taking advantage of excellent opportunities.”
This exercise approach may seem too good to be true, but it is, in fact, working for countless people, and the proof is in their transformations.
20 Minutes to Fitness
Do you want more definition, tone, feel better and be stronger? You only need to exercise 20 minutes per week at 20 Minutes to Fitness to achieve your desired results. An efficient, effective workout is all that’s required.
20 Minutes to Fitness uses scientifically based strength-building methods. It is possible to achieve in one weekly 20-minute session what might require three or more hours a week in a traditional fitness center. At 20 Minutes to Fitness, clients train under the watchful eye of a certified personal fitness coach on high-end specialized equipment initially designed for use in physical therapy.
Your certified fitness professional will guide you through a total body workout, directing and encouraging you to lift weights in slow, but continuous movements until the point at which your muscles can no longer perform. This point is called peak performance and is also known as Slow Cadence training. Safe and effective, 20 Minutes to Fitness workouts can be fine-tuned for people of any fitness level.
The Science
When muscle has reached peak performance, it sets off a series of physiological changes that supercharge the body to burn fat as it rebuilds the muscle. That’s why Slow Cadence workouts are proven to stimulate lean muscle formation far more efficiently and safely than regular weightlifting or aerobics. 20 Minutes to Fitness’ specialized equipment and the supervision of their certified personal fitness coaches, provide workouts that offer far better results (50 to 59% better) than more traditional strength training in a shorter period of time.
The Difference
The equipment is not the same as what is used at a traditional gym. 20 Minutes to Fitness uses state-
of-the-art, scientifically engineered equipment utilizing “double stacking,” which means they use smaller weight increments, enabling your coach to more precisely adjust the equipment to your needs. The specialized equipment uses a series of specifically calibrated cams and lifting rods, designed to create less friction and a constant level of resistance through your full range of motion. Gyms do not have the equipment it takes to do this training effectively, nor do they have coaches trained in this method.
What about Aerobic Exercise?
Many of the experts who have researched “Slow Cadence” strength training indicate that no additional cardio is necessary. They support this by referring to the fact that the heart is the main muscle and sufficient cardio is achieved during the Slow Cadence training.
Others believe that, while Slow Cadence training provides excellent cardio benefits (among the numerous other benefits), they advocate some additional cardio activity. At 20 Minutes to Fitness, they let you decide!
Health Benefits
• Weight loss in inches and pounds
• Increased strength and muscle tone
• Increased bone mass
• Alleviate wear and tear injuries
• Better joint function
• Improves flexibility
• Reduces hypertension
• Increases oxygen-rich blood flow
• Reduces back pain
Measurable Results
The television show, 48 Hours, did an interesting investigation on Slow Cadence outcomes. They asked twin sisters in NY to both follow the same eating plan, but different exercise routines. Over a five-week period, one of the twins did 20 minutes of Slow Cadence per week, and the other twin did five days of traditional cardio per week at a gym. The end results are proof that this system works. The twin that only did 20 minutes per week lost significantly more weight than her sister that did traditional cardio (5 times per week).
If you’re eating right, working out and not seeing the results you want, or if you hate the idea of excessive exercise, 20 Minutes to Fitness is the answer you’ve been waiting for. They train various levels of fitness from busy professionals, athletes, and grannies to mom’s, teens, and anyone with a desire to tone up, get stronger, lose weight, and see real results.
Tampa: 813.664.8888
Sarasota: 941.309.8989
20 Minutes Once a Week!

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