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The Wellness Benefits of Massage: How you can Maximize the Experience

By Robert J Farnell, Licensed Massage Therapist

The Wellness Benefits of Massage:  How you can Maximize the Experience Because the general population is so well informed of health and wellness options, most of us know that massage is not just a leisurely activity that the rich and famous enjoy to pamper themselves, but an actual wellness component to healthy living. Massage helps to relax the muscles leaving the body in a state of ease, and while this not only feels lovely, it puts the nervous system in a relaxed state as well, which is a significant component to overall health.

Benefit of Massage:
• Increases blood flow
• Alleviates tightness in muscles
• Relieves stress
• Reduces anxiety levels
• Helps with chronic neck pain
• Relieves migraine frequency and pain
• Improves balance
• Reduces osteoarthritis pain
• Lowers blood pressure
• Promotes relaxation
• Increases oxygen
• And much more

Personalized Massage: In-home Service vs. Brick and Mortar Spas:
Driving 25 minutes on I-275, weaving in and out of traffic, disrobing in a strange room, receiving treatment in a strange place with whomever the spa chose for you that day, awaking from your relaxed state, being rushed to make room for the next client, getting dressed again (over well-moisturized, greasy skin), driving back home again in rush-hour traffic—Does that sound like a relaxing experience or a perhaps a bit stressful?

At Hands Of Comfort, we Have a Better Option:
Hands of comfort will come to you at a time that works best for your schedule. Our licensed massage therapist brings a professional massage table, clean linens, lotions, oils, and fragrance. You disrobe in the comfort, convenience, and safety of your own home; you enjoy a full hour (60 minutes) professional massage, which is tailored to your needs. When the massage is complete, you just sit back and relax in the convenience of your own home or office. Our therapist cleans up, takes the table and accessories, and leaves you in a peaceful, well-balanced state.

If you’re busy and value your time, a personalized in-home or office massage is precisely the specialty that Hands of Comfort provides.

Who Does This Service Suit Best?
• Just about anyone who values their own personal time!
• Shut-ins
• Medically disabled
• Caregivers
• Mothers with children at home
• Shift workers
• Doctors
• Dentists
• Busy executives
• Recovering surgical patients
• Nurses
• Teachers
• Hair stylists
• Food servers
• Bartenders
• Truck drivers
• Uber drivers
• Those who work from home
• And the list goes on and on

Hands of Comfort is exclusive, convenient, professional, and VERY affordable. A one hour (60 minute) massage is just $65 at any address in Lutz or Land O Lakes. A small travel charge ($15) is added for any other location in Pasco County

Hands of Comfort Massage Therapists are:
• Licensed in Florida
• Always provide their current Massage license and photo ID
• Insured with Professional Liability coverage

Trained in Multiple Modalities:
• Swedish
• Deep Tissue
• Lymphatic Service
• And more

Hands of Comfort is available week days and evenings by appointment.

To make an appointment, or just to discuss the treatment you want. Please TEXT your request to 813-602-6603, name and phone number, or call and leave a message.

Out of respect for our client’s time and overall experience, our therapists NEVER answer their phone during a massage, but we will get back to you promptly.

Call today to schedule your personalized, relaxing massage in the comfort, convenience and safety of your home.

Hands of Comfort
Robert J Farnell
Licensed Massage Therapist
Florida License #MA 58933
Licensed since 2010 – Valid through Aug 31, 2021

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