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Too Much Time in the Sun When You Were Younger? No One Needs to Know Now!

As Floridians, one thing is for certain—we love the sun. Even if you’re not a fan of going to the beach or lazy days spent outside there is no escaping the sun’s powerful rays. As the sun provides us many overall health benefits, it can also be detrimental to our skin. At ImageLift, wrinkles, brown spots, thinning skin, and discoloration are just some of the chief complaints we hear about sun damage every day.
To help stop or even reverse sun damage to the skin, be sure to try some of the following tips: Use sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher, know your skin type and exfoliate when there is dry skin, stay hydrated, and wear the proper clothing when doing any activities outside.
As we get older though, that damage from the sun starts to show and can affect how we feel about our appearance, and our confidence. Leah Powell, an ImageLift patient and business owner, suffered from visible sun damage. She wanted to put her best face forward for her business. Leah decided to visit Dr. Rich Castellano for an expert opinion on getting a facelift.
“I had always thought that when I got older I would get it (a facelift), said Leah. “After being in the sun all of my life and seeing what it
(a facelift) did for my friend, I wanted to go ahead with it.”
With the latest technologies and techniques available, we can help hide the effects of sun damage, and help you look and feel young again! Imagelift offers a wide range of procedures to help your improve your confidence and quality of life, including the ImageLift FaceLift.
The ImageLift Facelift consistently delivers the “WOW!” results while still maintaining a natural appearance. Our most popular facelift is split into three categories: small, medium, and large. Your ImageLift physician will help you determine which ImageLift Facelift is right for you! Results vary for each type of facelift, and are typical. You deserve to look and feel your best, so what are you waiting for?
At ImageLift, we are a National Center of Excellence for our long-term fillers, and we even train other doctors in the ImageLift techniques. The combined experience of two Double Board-Certified Facial Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Rich Castellano and Dr. Randall Weyrich, is sought across the country and internationally. They will absolutely provide you with a customized treatment plan that works for you and your individual needs, right here in The Villages, no travel required.
Our book is an easy read and an excellent resource. Here is a comment from ImageLift patient Leah, “I read the book and loved it! It really helped prepare me.”
See Leah’s testimonial at: youtube.com/imagelift
Let us help you get that younger look back! Call now to learn what treatment is best for you at 855-968-8480 or visit our website at ImageLift.com

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