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Unsightly Veins Can Indicate Deeper Problems

“You can’t tell a book by looking at its cover.”

Unsightly Veins Can  Indicate Deeper ProblemsMany women are concerned about the appearance of spider veins and varicose veins. These veins, which can cause a spider web appearance in the skin, or big, unsightly bulges underneath the skin, can also cause a person to have symptoms and are signs of vein disease.

Ignoring these problems and not treating them can lead to a progression and further damage to the tissue of the lower leg. Some of the symptoms and signs of vein disease occur predominately in the lower leg.

Some of the symptoms include:
– Subtle feeling of fullness
–  Mild aching, heaviness or pressure
– Fatigue as the day progresses

Some of the signs include:
– Swelling, which can be minimal but significant
– Rough, dry skin sometimes accompanied with itching
–  Big, unsightly bulging veins underneath the skin
– Spider veins, the unsightly ‘webs’ in the skin itself, while considered cosmetic, usually indicate deeper problems

Over time, if untreated, vein disease can lead to more significant issues and more damage to the lower leg including, thickening and drying of the skin and discoloration, prominently a brownish color or, if the patient has been up on their feet for long periods of time, these sometimes subtle signs can lead to the possibility of an ulceration or sore around the ankle area.
Fortunately, with today’s technology, these issues can be dealt with in a very minimally invasive way with very little discomfort. Patients can return back to normal activities very quickly.

At Vascular Vein Centers we use Endovenous Laser Treatment, which employs the thermal closing of diseased veins, and a medical-grade adhesive (cyanoacrylate) therapy to close the veins. These two measures are used to close the source veins. We then use a foamed chemical to treat of the actual varicose or bulging veins. This is done in an outpatient clinical setting avoiding surgery. These procedures are covered my most medical insurances, including MEDICARE.

Anyone concerned about the appearance of their veins should have a thorough physical and ultrasound evaluation to examine the underlying cause. This can be done quickly with very little disruption in one’s normal schedule and activities. We strongly recommend wearing graduated compression stockings, hose or leggings while working or in situations where a person is on their feet or sitting for prolonged periods of time.

Vein health equates to leg health.

“A stich in time to save mine”!

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