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WHAT IS CONSTIPATIONJune is Home Safety Month. What is your most important home? YOUR BODY!! You live in it 24/7. How safe are you keeping it?
How is the plumbing working in your body (home)?
Yes, I am talking about YOUR GUT, commonly known as the second brain.
Did you know that 42 million Americans suffer from constipation? Are you one of those Americans?
Constipation is more common in chronically mature citizens (the aging), however; a day does not go by that I have a parent sharing with me that their child is having bowel problems.
Constipation can be defined as irregular or incomplete bowel movements when the stool is hard, dry and difficult to pass. According to the medical community, the normal length of time between bowel movements will vary widely from person to person. Some people will go three times daily while others may eliminate a few times a week. Traditional doctors feel that it depends on the person and three times a week is okay.
In my world as a colon hydro-therapist, three bowel movements daily are ideal, however; one bowel movement daily is considered good in today’s world.
Think of it, if you are eating three meals daily, that is 1095 meals yearly. If you have one bowel movement daily, where are the other 730 meals? Constipation is not as easy to remedy as most people think. Constipation can be caused by lack of fiber, lack of physical activity, physiology, emotional upset, poor diet, medications, food sensitivities, allergies, scar tissue and more.
Remember, everyone poops!!!! Let’s talk about POOP! Think back to when we potty trained our children, and we were so excited when they went on the potty? Well, we should continue that excitement throughout our life! If we do not have bowel movements, that toxic material will be absorbed back into our body, into the bloodstream and our organs. We can be swimming in a toxic mess!
If you want to know more about your poop and what it means, you can google the Bristle Stool Chart.
I became a colon hydro-therapist because I suffered from constipation for years. Through my health journey, I have conquered my constipation, and I know precisely what can trigger it.
Each person has unique triggers. At ReNew Life Wellness, INC., we help you identify those triggers to help you improve your health. I have attended Darrell Wolfe’s classes and added his techniques to my practice. An approach that has not been addressed is scar tissue.
What is scar tissue? Scar tissue forms in our body because of inflammation. It is caused by surgeries, injuries, allergies, food sensitivities, acidity, stress, and other factors as well. When the body has inflammation fibrin, and white blood cells rush to the area to try and heal it. However, if the person does not improve their diet or is constantly in the flight or flight mode (sympathetic nervous system), the inflammation will remain and scar tissue will get thicker and grow. With Wolfe Deep Tissue Technique we can break up the scar tissue and allow healing to occur. I incorporate Wolfe Deep Tissue work in some of my colon hydrotherapy sessions reducing the scar tissue and also specific areas of the body where there are restrictions. From first-hand experience, my pelvic region is freer, and my bowel movements continue to improve.
Let’s look at our diet today. Many people indulge in sugar. Sugar is in numerous processed foods, and most of them contain high fructose and /or corn syrup. Sugar is an addiction and can cause constipation. It causes inflammation and weakens the immune system as well. Look at the ingredients in the foods that you eat and avoid sugar.
The first three ingredients are the most plentiful in the food.
Carbohydrates turn into sugar! That is why I suggest eating more greens, berries and gluten-
free grains. Quinoa is also a protein, which contains the essential amino acids and offers an excellent source of insoluble fiber.
Simple carbohydrates can slow down bowel transit time, and sugar levels will spike and fall. Examples are cookies, cake, ice cream, and sweetened beverages to name a few. In opposition, complex carbohydrates take longer to digest, and you have consistent energy without spikes and falls of blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, the whole grains are not as pure today and can cause constipation and allergies. Examples of complex carbohydrates are legumes, sweet potatoes, peas, and vegetables.
Try to eat organic as much as possible. I use an application on my phone, Dirty Dozen. It will tell you what foods are clean and what ones are dirty and should be organic. An app like this will be beneficial when you’re at a restaurant or the grocery store.
I educate my clients and ask, what is your commitment to your health. I work within their perimeters for a healthier life.
Suzanne has been practicing massage and colon hydrotherapy in the Tampa Bay area for nearly 30 years.  In the 1990’s, Suzanne and Brenda Watson, her mentor, founded ReNew Life Wellness based upon Health begins from the Colon.
Suzanne’s health challenges led her to colon hydrotherapy where it changed her life and career path. She discovered the importance gut health and its relationship to the rest of your overall health. If your colon is not functioning or clean, your heath will be compromised.  After all, you are in living your body 24/7 and it’s the plumbing of your body.
Suzanne has a Masters degree in education and uses her knowledge and experience teaching colon therapy internationally and nationally. She has been a member of I-ACT and GPACT and a certified instructor. She has been teaching for 25 years. She served on the board of I-Act for 8 years.
Her experience is quite extensive. She works with holistic and traditional doctors. Suzanne was the first colon therapist in the gastroenterologist office, where she performed preps for colonoscopies and fecal transplants. She works with people of all ages.
Suzanne incorporates various modalities during her colon hydrotherapy sessions. Some of those modalities would include reflexology, acupressure, aromatherapy, the various types of massage therapy and much more.
Suzanne’s intention is to educate and empower her clients so that they can make intelligent decisions about their health. Suzanne recently studied with Dr. Darrell Wolfe and incorporates Wolfe Deep Tissue Technique.
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