Tuesday , March 9 2021

What Telemedicine Means for Florida

What Telemedicine Means for FloridaTelemedicine (also referred to as telehealth) has become the main medium for healthcare workers that are able to do so. Telemedicine refers to the practice of caring for patients remotely when the provider and patient are not physically present with each other. Modern technology has let doctors to consult patients by using HIPAA compliant video-conferencing tools such as Zoom, TheraNest, and VSee. Allowing patients to continue on with their scheduled appointments remotely has also been a positive for those that do not find the experience comfortable. Telemedicine also allows patients, as well as doctors, to save themselves the commute to the office. This also allows doctors, specifically specialists, to potentially see new patients from across the state (or country for other fields) where they otherwise would have to travel long distances to do so. Patients who are homebound also now have many more options to choose from as they were previously limited to doctors who do home visitations.

Policies vary widely state by state but Florida has been lenient in allowing telemedicine to continue on until May 8th. With that in mind, many wonder if the state can take advantage of this new medium in the medical marijuana world especially given the unknown of when we will see normal everyday life start to return. Hopefully telemedicine will be implemented across the country, even in non-medical marijuana fields, as it has its clear advantages to both the doctor and patient.

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