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Wonder Women, Unite in the Fight to Beat Breast Cancer!

RAO is proud to have a dedicated team of superheroes in the battle against breast cancer, led by RAO’s Medical Director of Women’s Imaging Services, Board Certified radiologist, Dr. Amanda Aulls. While RAO’s Early Detection Defenders may not have the flash and spectacle of the conventional superhero, they compose a powerful league of allies every bit as valiant in their dedication to saving lives.
When caught before it has had a chance to spread, breast cancer has a 93% survival rate, making early detection the best defense against this sneaky, silent foe. RAO has made it our mission to make early detection possible for more women than ever before. RAO remains a local leader in diagnostic and interventional radiology services by being a forerunner in the latest state-of-the-art technologies and procedures, and its Women’s Imaging Center and TimberRidge Imaging Center devote particular emphasis to early breast cancer detection in a professional, comforting and empathetic environment.
“As a woman doctor, I contribute a unique understanding to women’s diagnostic care,” says Dr. Aulls. “After all, I’ve had screening mammograms, so I can talk about them as more than a service or statistic, but as a firsthand experience. A screening 3D mammography™ at RAO delivers the highest level of accuracy, takes only a few minutes, and is performed with the utmost kindness, empathy and respect.”
Never a practice to stay with old or outdated technologies, RAO continually researches and incorporates the latest advances in diagnostic care. RAO was among the first regional providers to offer 3D mammography™ exams, also called tomosynthesis, which produce multiple images of breast tissue from varying angles in the same amount of time, for dramatically superior imaging. Because it provides greater detail of tiny abnormalities, it is especially useful when examining the estimated 47% of women with dense breast tissue. Not only is it up to 40% better at discovering invasive breast cancer, 3D mammography™ technology produces far fewer false positive results. “Enhanced accuracy means fewer supplementary exams and reduced patient anxiety,” says Dr. Aulls. “It is the gold standard of mammography, making it RAO’s present standard of care.”
Adding to overall accuracy is RAO’s commitment to quality control. “Our radiology team reads all imaging results in-house, instead of sending them out to a third party like a lot of practices,” says Dr. Aulls. “We can’t trust outsiders to have our level of experience, skill and specialized training. This is especially true when something suspicious shows up in a screening mammogram. Those images need to be reviewed by a radiologist who specializes in breast imaging and can engage in a direct conversation with a patient’s doctor.”
When something questionable does show up in a diagnostic mammogram or a patient presents with a lump or other symptom, that patient’s doctor can order a biopsy up until 3pm that same day, for fast answers, quick action and reduced anxiety. RAO applies the same commitment to all of its women’s imaging services, and is in the process of upgrading its diagnostic technologies this year, including acquiring the latest in stereotactic breast biopsy and DEXA bone density scanning.
When you’re looking for an experienced and trusted ally in the fight against breast cancer, visit RAO’s Women’s Imaging Services at or contact the dedicated team at 352.671.4300.

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