Monday , October 19 2020

A Festival with hidden agendas . . .

The 4th Annual Trinity Fest launches with the wildly successful Trunk or Treat! We anticipate 3,000 individuals will attend this event on Wednesday night, October 24. Trunk or Treat will serve as a preview of the four days that will follow of family-friendly fun and excitement for everyone.Many people know what a music festival looks like – A huge stage with lots of bands and food trucks, right? While the music part of Trinity Fest is new this year, the midway carnival, 5K, community business expo and fun entertainment for families celebrating the fall is not! So what is the hidden agenda? It can’t really be hidden if it’s out there in the open, right? Trinity Fest 2018 has some secrets that we can’t wait to share!
Trinity Fest is going into the community! We think that a Festival can change the lives of people. “Life Changing” is rather big brand promise. While Trinity Fest might look like every other festival you’ve seen; there are a few things you need to know!
One is that the Music festival is actually free and the emcee for this 4-night party at Generations Christian Church has a mission while he is here. Eric Samuel Timm partners with schools and communities nationwide to provide value-based public and private school assembly programs. While using the power of art, Eric lands each message. Further aiding the presentation, Eric uses humor and examples from his own powerful, personal adventures to stories from the student’s very own textbooks to make an impact on their lives. Eric stirs up what lays dormant and leaves students and staff inspired. When he speaks, they’ll listen. When he paints, you will see art speak louder than words. One recent teacher at a school assembly with Eric said, “There was dead silence, at times, and then the roar of laughter. The students wanted to listen.”
Kurt Browning, Pasco county school superintendent says, “We really appreciate Generations Christian Church offering these opportunities to our students.”
You can get a sneak peek of Eric’s school assemblies at This isn’t an ordinary Fall Festival. It has an underlying mission to encourage the students of Pasco County schools. Kids need hope, kids need to laugh, kids need to be encouraged.
Trinity Fest Secrets:
– The 4 Night Music Festival is FREE, October 25th-28th
– A Free Trunk or Treat Night on Wednesday, October 24th
– Special artist, Eric Samuel Timm, will be appearing at local high schools and middle schools across the counties with a message of hope
– Trinity Fest is expecting over 10,000 visitors over 5 days of events for the local community, business leaders, foodies and connoisseurs of fall festivities.
– Trinity Fest will be your gateway to the world!
How can a festival reach across the world and ultimately take you there?
Missions of Hope is an organization that started 20 years ago in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya through one young lady’s dream of making a difference. Today, more than 16,000 children have education and meals provided to them. The next generation of leaders in Africa is growing and we can partner with them to deliver continued hope. Trinity Fest 2018 has the goal of sponsoring 1,000 kids in 5 days! Sponsoring a child means that a child gets a teacher, clothes to go to school, meals, and most of all, hope! $36 a month sponsors a child and a future leader.
The music, food and carnival rides are sure to be great; but changing the future of a child and bringing hope across the world will always be the heartbeat of Trinity Fest!

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