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Alzheimer’s Disease: Staving Off Its Progression

Alzheimer’s DiseaseMore than 9 million people in the U.S. are living with some form of dementia. Alzheimer’s is one of the main forms of the disease, but there are many different varieties facing our population. Often times, it may be unclear exactly what type of dementia a patient has, but the commonality between them all, is that it’s related to a biological brain condition and some form of damage to the brain’s inner communication.
Dementia is progressive, so even with treatment and medication, the patients will continue to get worse with time.  With nearly 76 million people worldwide with dementia and that number expected to triple by 2050, we have to be more proactive in our health and wellness prevention.
What Causes Dementia?
As we age the blood vessels in our bodies, including our brains lose elasticity and proper circulatory function. They start to become more inelastic and rigid. When this happens the likelihood of atherosclerosis, the formation of plaque in the vessels, is very high. Atherosclerosis is what causes strokes, and other vascular issues. One sign that this is occurring in your body is the diagnosis of high blood pressure or high cholesterol.
The Alzheimer’s brain has disruptions and twists called neurofibrillary tangles. These nerve endings become unattached and interfere with the intracellular functions of the brain. Amyloid plaque, which can cause the destruction of nerve cells and exacerbate the formation of twists and tangles in the brain. Over time more and more disruptions and communication disorders will occur.  The primary cause of these issues is inflammation and toxicity to the body.
Food and nutrition play a huge role in the functioning of our brains.  We now know that amyloid plaque is caused by:
• Processed Cheese (causes build up of amyloid protein)
• Processed Meat (nitrates cause the liver to build up fat)
• White Flour (bread, pasta, baked goods)
• Butter Flavoring, diacetyl (chemical in beer, chardonnay, microwave popcorn and margarine)
• Heavy Metals (tooth restorations, mercury from certain finfish, aluminum)
• Toxins (chemicals, pesticides, pollution)
Staving off Dementia & its Progression
Eating a healthy diet is key to decreasing the risk of dementia, and it’s development. The diet you choose is very important.  If you prefer animal protein in your diet it is important to eat only organic. It is best to eat cold-water fish, however; it is debatable because of the mercury levels found in fish today. Fish used to be the main source of fatty acids; however, you can find Omega-3 in chia seeds, flaxseeds, olive oil and walnuts.  Because the grains today have been altered, it is best to consider gluten free grains such as quinoa, millet, and teff to mention a few. Simple carbohydrates should be avoided like white bread, pasta, and baked goods, as these are known to adversely affect the brain.  Staying socially active, learning new skills that stimulate your mind, and doing daily cardiovascular exercise are critical to staying cognitively healthy.
At ReNew Life Wellness Center, we offer an educational session regarding the body terrain.  The terrain is where your blood cells live. You will be able to observe healthy and not to healthy blood cells. This educational session will show over 42 anomalies like yeast (candida overgrowth), heavy toxins, digestive issues, inflammation markers, parasites, degenerative damage, & adrenal fatigue. We can suggest many holistic alternatives to address any of your health concerns.
When inflammation or other unhealthy conditions are in the body, ReNew Life Wellness is a place for education. We want to provide information so you can make your own health choices. We understand that everyone is different and will help you customize a plan just for you. Contact us today and start living a healthier lifestyle.
Suzanne has been practicing massage and colon hydrotherapy in the Tampa Bay area for nearly 30 years.  In the 1990’s, Suzanne and Brenda Watson, her mentor, founded ReNew Life Wellness based upon Health begins from the Colon.
Suzanne’s health challenges led her to colon hydrotherapy where it changed her life and career path. She discovered the importance gut health and its relationship to the rest of your overall health. If your colon is not functioning or clean, your heath will be compromised.  After all, you are in living your body 24/7 and it’s the plumbing of your body.
Suzanne has a Masters degree in education and uses her knowledge and experience teaching colon therapy internationally and nationally. She has been a member of I-ACT and GPACT and a certified instructor. She has been teaching for 25 years. She served on the board of I-Act for 8 years.
Her experience is quite extensive. She works with holistic and traditional doctors. Suzanne was the first colon therapist in the gastroenterologist office, where she performed preps for colonoscopies and fecal transplants. She works with people of all ages.
Suzanne incorporates various modalities during her colon hydrotherapy sessions. Some of those modalities would include reflexology, acupressure, aromatherapy, the various types of massage therapy and much more.
Suzanne’s intention is to educate and empower her clients so that they can make intelligent decisions about their health. Suzanne recently studied with Dr. Darrell Wolfe and incorporates Wolfe Deep Tissue Technique.

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