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Are You Active Enough?

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Are You Active EnoughMoving more helps you to feel healthier, manage your weight and lower your risk of cancer and other diseases. What matters is the amount and type of physical activity you do. Aim to build some time into every day for fun activities that use up calories, tone your muscles, flex your joints and strengthen your body.
Is there enough physical activity in your life to promote good health? Take a few minutes to complete this easy quiz! Choose the answer that most closely represents what you actually do, or what you would be most likely to do, in each situation. Be honest, select what you actually do and not what you think you should do.
1. Daily life: How physically active is your work – whether you go to a job or take care of a home?

  • Not very active – I spend most of my day sitting down – 1 point
  • I don’t have an active job but I make an effort when I can – 2 points
  • Very active – I’m always on the move – 3 points

2. Current level of fitness: If you were asked to objectively and truthfully describe your current level of fitness, you’d say you were:
. Not in very good shape at the moment – 1 point
. In average shape for my age – 2 points
. In excellent condition – 3 points
3. Fitness choices: You’re on the eighth floor, and you need to get to the tenth. Do you:

  • Choose the elevator – 1 point
  • Take the stairs if I’m not in a rush – 2 points
  • Always take the stairs – 3 points

4. Sports: You play a sport or do an active hobby, such as swimming, walking, dancing, jogging, cycling:

  • Almost never – 1 point
  • About once a week – 2 points
  • Several times a week – 3 points

5. If you have to pick up something at a store about half a mile away, would you:

  • Drive or take the bus – 1 point
  • Walk if it sunny and the wether is nice – 2 points
  • Always walk or cycle – 3 points

Calculate your score by totaling your points. Follow the scale below to help determine your activity level.
Score 5: Time to get up and get moving!
It is very important for your health that you try to build more physical activity into your life.
Start by being physically active every day — in any way you like. If you haven’t been physically active for a while, begin by adding 10 minutes of activity each day and build up to 30 minutes (or more if you can in due course). If you can’t manage 30 minutes a day, then get more active in any way possible. Start taking walks at lunchtime or going for a swim a couple of times a week. As you find that being more active becomes easier, look for other ways to build some more physical activity into your life.
As your level of activity and your physical fitness increases, you’ll find that you feel better about a lot of things, including the health benefits that come with being active.
Score 6-11: Not too bad, but room for improvement!
If your responses accurately reflect the amount of physical activity in your life, then the odds are that you know you could be more active. You are probably already doing some physical activity; Now, try to be physically active every day in any way for 30 minutes (or more if you can).
Building regular activity into your day can help you to reduce your risk of cancer. It’s also a great way to simply keep yourself looking and feeling great!
Score 12-15: Excellent!
You appear to be making a good effort to stay physically active. If you find it relatively easy to clock up 30 minutes of activity every day, aim to increase this to 60 minutes of moderate activity, or 30 minutes of more vigorous activity each day. Regular physical activity can help people of any age enjoy an active, healthy life. Staying fit is a great investment in your future health. When you look and feel good, it becomes easier to do so many things in life. Try to make sure you vary your physical activity each day so that you don’t get bored. Encourage friends and family to take up a new, active hobby with you.
Being active is an important part of staying healthy, regardless of your age. It may also lower your risk for certain types of cancer. Did you know you benefit from even small amounts of moderate activity throughout the day? Regular physical activity is easier to fit in than you may realize and can significantly lower your lifetime risk for cancer – and heart disease and diabetes, too.
No matter what level of physical activity you are at now, everyone can benefit by learning proper exercise techniques. If you need help getting started, building endurance, or strengthening muscles the knowledgable and supportive team of trainers at Anytime Fitness are available to answer any questions your might have and to offer tips to get you moving! Stop in today to ask your fitness questions, meet the staff, tour the facility and sign up for a FREE 7 day trial. What have you got to lose? Get out and get moving, your health depends on it!

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*Source: American Institute for Cancer Research
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