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Are You Avoiding Intimacy Due to Painful Intercourse?

By Uzoma Nwaubani, MD, FACOG –
Are You Avoiding Intimacy Due to Painful  IntercoursePainful sex (dyspareunia) is a medical condition that countless women face.  It may lead them to quietly suffer or avoid sexual activity or intimacy with their partners.  Fortunately, there are relatively simple solutions to obtain relief of sexual pain.  The goal of diagnosis and treatment is to treat the underlying cause of the pain.  As a woman ages and there is a decrease or absence of Estrogen, the tissue of the vaginal walls begins to thin, become dry, and lack the suppleness that is inherent while she is menstruating.  While lubricants are useful and encouraged for sexual pain, they do not provide a more permanent solution to the problem.
There are many medical treatment modalities that can remedy or at least reduce sexual pain and it does not involve surgical intervention.  The first step is obtaining a proper diagnosis for the particular type of pain you are experiencing.  Typically, treatment plans consist of application of prescriptive creams to using in-home medical devices to provide relief.  Most women can expect a great improvement in symptoms within one or two months of treatment.
While hormone replacement therapies (HRT) come with many risk factors when used for long periods, using low dose, topical vaginal HRT actually begins to rejuvenate the vaginal tissues long term which allows a woman to obtain relief from painful sex symptoms.  In addition, there is a device, called Intensity, which is used in the privacy of your home.  Intensity exercises and stimulates the pelvic floor muscles.  The stimulation provided by the device assists in toning the vaginal walls which may have become weakened due to age, childbirth, lack of female hormones, or various other reasons.  With regular use, women generally feel improved vaginal tone, more intense orgasms, and a decrease in vaginal pain from atrophied vaginal tissue.  Depending on the cause of your pain, Intensity may be used alone or in conjunction with various HRT vaginal creams, depending on each woman’s particular diagnosis.
Overall, women should not feel alone if they are experiencing sexual pain.  There are relatively simple solutions for women to have a full sex life that is enjoyable and healthy.  If you have any questions or would like to be evaluated for your sexual pain, please feel free to make an appointment with Vicki Spangler, RN, MSN, WHNP-BC or Dr. Uzoma Nwaubani at the Continence and Pelvic surgery Center with two convenient locations to serve you at 1050 Old Camp Road, The Villages, Fl  32162 or Leesburg.
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