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ARE YOU PASSIVE, REACTIVE OR PROACTIVE  WITH REGARDS TO YOUR WELLNESS-HEALTH-WELLBEING?We humans, are creatures of habits. Habit get us into automatic ways of behavior and give us an illusion that we control the situation we are in, and a sense stability and security. Many people justify this tendency with a common sense view: “why change something that is working ok?”
Before we recommend to be proactive with regards to the bond between your WELLNESS-HEALTH-WELLBEING, Let’s first define these well-known concepts – so that we are on the same page:
Health is our bio-physio-psychological state of our being. It is influenced by our genetic tendencies and the interaction with the environment. (inner body environment and the external one). We are usually alerted by negative healthy signs after an annual physical exam if the results are out of the averaged range.
Wellness are the conditions in the external world of physical and social conditions which influence how good we sleep, the variety of healthy food that is available, the space available to move our bodies, the ways we reduce mental, emotional and physical stress daily, and the atmosphere which enable us to take care of ourselves.
Wellbeing – are the inner conditions of balance and harmony of our mental, emotional and physical dimensions as we solve problems and conflicts, remove negative emotions and manifest joy and creativity.
Though we like to be in “the zone of the known, stable, and expected” life is a constant change.
If you wear imaginative quantum glasses and look inward, every time your eyes blink, your heart beats, or you breathe, millions of electrochemical processes take place. Emotions, thoughts, believes impact our physical body and vice versa – if we are in pain, stressed, or don’t sleep well, or don’t eat healthy food, these conditions drain our vitality and make us behave from survival mode (fight, fly, freeze). In such situations, we act with no patience, and our perception and decision making are off tune.
There is a dynamic interrelation between our health, wellness and wellbeing. Therefore, we need to be proactive in keeping a preventive balanced healthy life style and mange our life with attention and care.
Western culture teaches us to rely on experts. After all it makes sense. With all the accumulated research, science, technology, knowledge and data, we need to get the best proffesional advice in any field in our life, specially when it comes to our health. The question is – are you passive, reactive or proactive. Do you view the specialists as gurus or as advisors? Do you follow them with closed eyes or do you explore alternatives before taking a decision of how to move forward?
Many people ignore their inner organs until they ache as a way to remind you that they exist. “You suddenly realize you have a liver. Why didn’t you take care of your liver in the first place”?
If your approach to life is holistic and integrative and your medical dr. doesn’t support this approach, do you replace him /her?
Wellness on Demand, Demand Wellness is a new proactive approach to take care of yourself.
Let’s observe the second part first – Demand Wellness in every space you stay for many ours of you day. – at home, at school or at work, in public spaces and in health institutions. The owners/ leaders of space should provide:
1. Healthy food
2. Space to move your body freely
3. Conditions to reduce mental, emotional and physical stress daily
4. Space to take a nap
5. Conditions to manifest your personal creativity
6. Physical echo friendly environment of air circulation, high quality of water, plants and inspiring design of public and personal space
7. Social echo friendly atmosphere of positive communication and dialogue
8. Condition to improve performance and evolvement
Wellness On Demand – is your role to proactively generate inner conditions of wellness in you. Can you feel inner home in your bodymindspirit and filter out negativity and chaos? In fact, Wellness on Demand is your wellbeing. The core steps to maintain and sustain good wellbeing is reducing stress daily, moving your body, eating healthy food to nourish your cells, sleeping good quality sleep and manifest creativity to be inspired and joyful from within.
Many startups, small/medium businesses, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs or businesses such as lawyers and real-estate agencies don’t priorities investing in their employees’ wellness. Sometimes their motivation in creating a minimum program of fitness and diet simply derives from getting discount on health insurance.
The truth is that if leaders and managers create a culture of wellness at work, and invest in their employees, they will benefit from great natural support, loyalty and motivation and less days of absence.
It’s very simple – when you truly care for your employees – they feel at home at work and invest their attention, time and better performance.
If you don’t know how to create wellness@work program, or you don’t have a human resources manager, contact Avigail berg-Panitz – the writer. Avigail (MA in Holistic Health) partners with Dr Ken (Chiropractor) to offer workshops, tools and service of Wellness on Demand, Demand Wellness.
Parents, schools & health institutions, and other leaders, are welcome to contact us and explore how to increase life quality with our fresh wellness approach we call 7P: Proactive, Preventive, Personalized, Positive, Passionate, Persevering wellness-health-wellbeing Perception.
Learn more: www.avigaili.wix.com/8things4wellness, www.avigailwellness.com

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