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Are Your Feminine Issues Causing You Pain, Dryness or Incontinence?

What you should know about the FemTouch!
Are Your Feminine Issues Causing You Pain, Dryness or Incontinence?Many women can experience vaginal disorders after childbirth, during perimenopause, throughout menopause and after a hysterectomy. Unfortunately these women may be too embarrassed to discuss their pain, dryness, and discomfort with their medical provider. Some women chalk it up to a “normal part of the hormonal process” and feel as if they must suffer in silence, however, there is an amazing treatment offered at Bella Visage Medical & Aesthetic Rejuvenation to relieve these painful and embarrassing symptoms.
Vaginal Deterioration
Due to a decrease in estrogen as women age, the walls of the vagina begin to thin and degenerate, causing dryness, burning, and inflammation. This mucosal impairment can make intercourse very painful and cause urinary incontinence that can interfere with daily activities, such as walking, sitting, standing, and exercising.
There are many options for women to try and relieve their symptoms like creams, medications, and surgery, but they all pale in comparison to an innovative procedure called the FemTouchTM. This treatment is a quick non-surgical procedure that is performed by our Board Certified Nurse Practitioner Jeanna Parker.
A Better, Progressive
Treatment Option
The FemTouch’sTM advanced technology is an out-patient, minimally invasive, non-surgical, and non-hormonal laser vaginal procedure that stimulates new collagen production for healthier tissue. The sensation is very similar to having a Pap smear exam. The laser does not burn or cause any pain, you will only feel tiny vibrating sensations from the machine. This amazing laser was developed by Lumenis, the leading company for aesthetic medical laser devices, in collaboration with leading gynecologists.
How Does it Work?
The FemTouchTM laser treatment is a CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser that enables our Nurse Practitioner to apply precise and controlled laser microbeams on the vaginal lining. This allow stimulation of new tissue growth by triggering collagen production.
How Many Treatments Do I Need?
The FemTouchTM procedure is a series of three treatments spaced one month apart. Clients notice a remarkable improvement in their symptoms after the first treatment.
What Does the FemTouch Treatment Improve?
• Vaginal Laxity
• Painful Intercouse
• Vaginal Dryness
• Quality/Intensity of Orgasms
• Urinary Incontinence
• Frequent Urinary Tract Infections
What Our Clients Are Saying…
Mrs. P, 53 years old, married, previous hysterectomy
This client used to have so much pain during intercourse that she stopped trying because it hurt so much. After the first treatment, she could not believe the difference. She has completed the full series of treatments and now has a consistent and satisfying sexual relationship with her husband with enhanced quality of orgasms.
Mrs. M, 33 years old, married with 2 children
This client used to suffer from stress incontinence and vaginal dryness. She was embarrassed by her incontinence and did not feel attractive to her husband. She also experienced painful intercourse and dryness, which severely limited her intimacy with her husband. After completing the series of 3 treatments, she no longer suffers from incontinence and has a restored, satisfying sex life once again.
Bella Viságe offers high-end medical rejuvenation services, world-class aesthetics, and luxurious massages in a unique, historic spa in downtown Lakeland. The owners, Mark & Jeanna Parker, have been in business for 4 years. They put great thought and planning into every detail of the spa from the décor, technology, products, and the types of services offered. Bella Viságe is the highest rated medical spa in Lakeland with 5 star Google and Facebook ratings.
Bella Visage
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