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Brace Yourself

By Dr. Brett Compton, DC – Compton Chiropractic Care –
Compton chiropractic is proud to announce that we are now an authorized dispensing location for Medicare approved braces. When it comes to joints in the body there are two main dysfunctions or causes of pain. As Chiropractic Physicians, our three Palmer trained doctors see a tremendous amount of bio mechanical fixations both in the spine and the extremities.  The two common causes of joint dysfunction are decreased vs increased joint movement.  Arthritis is largely the causative factor for reduced joint motion.  As we age, our joints age and degenerate also.   This degeneration is known as osteoarthritis and affects roughly 88% of individuals over the age of 50.  For those patients with a lack of mobility and joint pain chiropractic care focuses on restoring mobility and range of motion thereby decreasing inflammation and discomfort from a dysfunctional joint.  In severe cases we would recommend the use of a decompression brace to lessen the effects of flare-ups from overuse.
For example, some of our patients suffer from knee pain due to arthritis. We offer a slim brace specifically designed to offload the degenerated side of the knee. These off loader braces can effectively relieve knee pain for several months to years.  This means having the ability to live pain free while also pushing knee replacements off as long as possible. It is truly amazing how a patient can walk in with chronic knee pain and walk out with little to no residual pain with a brace.
The other main cause for joint dysfunction and pain is related to increased motion in the joint.  These hypermobile joints, as we refer to them, are similar to ankle sprains and whiplash.  These injuries, and others like them, are extremely common.  If not properly treated patients can expect chronic joint dysfunction until the area is re-educated.  The dysfunction which causes a hypermobile joint is related to the muscles and ligaments that attach to the bones.  These ligaments become stretched out like a rubber band when injured but then lose the ability to retract fully back to the original shape. Therefore the joint becomes loose or unstable and the increased motion will lead to rapid degeneration of that joint.  Treating a hypermobile joint is a little different, chiropractic manipulations by themselves are not always sufficient and the patient must be braced to achieve stability and pain relief. We typically start by using kinesiology tape to temporally stabilize certain joints; (similar to athletic tape although it has elastic qualities of an ace bandage). When kinesiology tapping is not sufficient we then turn to a specialized brace.  These insurance approved braces are extremely effective in stabilizing regions of the body prior to the re-education process.
For example, a recent patient had been seen by three specialists prior to entering our office for sacroiliac joint pain. After her fourth treatment it became apparent that her sacroiliac joint was unstable. Bracing along with manipulations of the joint relieved her pain rapidly.  Within a few short weeks her muscles had been reeducated and the brace became useful for working in the yard.
Indications for Back Brace
Post-operative Lumbar immobilization
Herniated Discs
Degenerative Disc Disease
Spinal Stenosis
Postural support
Indications for Knee Braces
Osteoarthritis of the Knee
Post-Operative Knee
Ligament Tear/instability
Painful Range of Motion
Lumbar Muscle weakness
Chronic low back pain
Compression Fractures
Patello-Femoral Syndrome
Chronic Knee Pain
Meniscal tear/instability
Locking Disorders
Compton Chiropractic provides high quality braces at little or no cost to our patients.  Medicare and other insurance companies routinely cover the cost of these items because they provide support, relieve pain, and decrease the need for expensive surgeries and pain medications.  So no matter if you are looking for extra support while playing golf and pickle ball or just want to avoid surgery; with the proper brace we can get you back to the greens in no time. If you or a loved one could benefit from one of these braces, please call us today (352-391-9467) to setup a free consultation with one of our Doctors.
What makes Compton Chiropractic different from other Chiropractors?
The Doctors at Compton Chiropractic are graduates from Palmer College of Chiropractic and have been serving The Villages since 2006. The Doctors are integrated with several local primary care physicians, urgent cares, neurologists, pain management physicians, and orthopedic surgeons.  This level of integration means that the patient benefits faster and more effectively.  The physicians at Compton Chiropractic treat patients as an extension of their own family.  Every patient gets a detailed initial evaluation including a complete history, orthopedic and neurological testing.  With a proper diagnosis, our patients will receive a proper treatment plan.  With a proper treatment plan, patient’s pain is decreased in shorter periods of time.
Compton Chiropractic is also proud to announce that it’s Office is Medicare accredited by The Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation (HQAA).  Only a small percentage of Offices in the country hold this unique accreditation which allows us to be a dispensing location for approved Medicare braces.
“I suffered from sciatica for 10 years until a friend told me about Dr. Compton.  After 8 treatments and a brace, I was back on the golf course and out of pain.” – L.R.
“My knee pain was debilitating until Dr. Compton introduced me to a brace that literally takes the pain away.  My knee feels young again and I couldn’t be happier.” – A.A
“The Doctors are all amazing and actually care for patients like they were family.” – A.O.
“I was referred to Dr. Compton by Medicare after an operation.  I needed a brace to help me recover and Compton Chiropractic treated me wonderfully.” – C.S.
“The Doctors and staff at Compton Chiropractic are knowledgeable and efficient.  They are always highly recommended.”
-Local Family Physician
Providing Quality Chiropractic Care to patients in and around The Villages, Florida.
Our Philosophy
. Treat patients as individuals and perform a thorough exam
. Deliver an accurate diagnosis
. Treat patients with the highly reliable and world-known Palmer “hands on” Technique
. No long-term treatment plans or large out-of-pocket expenses
. Provide patients with non-surgical alternatives to pain
Our Facility Offers
. Medicare accreditation for DME bracing
. State-of-the-art treatment tables
. On-site digital x-ray
. Physical Rehab suite with cold laser technology
. Use of blood and urine testing to evaluate for
food allergies and heavy metal toxicity
. Clinical Nutrition
. Quality care without the wait
. Medicare
. Blue Cross Blue Shield
. Cigna, Aetna
. Humana
. United Health Care plans
. Personal Injury
Compton Chiropractic Care

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