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Cardiologist, Dr. Vallabhan Offers Regular In-Office Hours, as well as Telehealth

T.E. Vallabhan, MD, FACC

Cardiologist, Dr. Vallabhan Offers Regular  In-Office HoursFor the past few months, we’ve all been practicing social distancing and rigorous hygiene. On April 3rd, Governor DeSantis issued a “stay at home” order and set standards for essential services, including medical treatment. Dr. Vallabhan is still able to see patients with urgent needs and in acute situations, but he has also implemented telehealth for the convenience of his patients that would rather see him virtually and for routine appointments.

Dr. Vallabhan will see patients via a video chat, and the office staff will walk you through how to set that up beforehand. If you have a new issue or symptoms, please have a list of those symptoms or questions readily available to maximize your virtual examination. If you have a blood pressure cuff, scale, and/or pulse oximeter, please take those vitals before you call in for your virtual visit, and write them down. Dr. Vallabhan can record those numbers in your progress notes. If you are taking any new medications or supplements, please have those available as well to discuss them with Dr. Vallabhan.

If you have COVID-19 and have a history of heart issues, it’s important to have a follow-up, cardiology appointment, as heart disorders are considered an underlying risk factor for the coronavirus, and some of the medications being prescribed can adversely affect the heart. Having a heart disorder can also make it more difficult for a person to fight the virus. It’s important to know when your symptoms first began and how long you had them, along with when you were diagnosed. It’s also understandable if you think you may have had it but recovered at home without confirmation of whether or not you had COVID-19; however, this information is essential to Dr. Vallabhan and your health.

Many People Don’t Realize How Contagious This Virus Really is:
It’s thought that COVID-19 can last on hard surfaces, such as floors, door handles, and countertops for a few days, and on softer surfaces, like cardboard, envelopes, and clothing for approximately 24-hours. Wipe down anything that comes in contact with potential viruses with disinfectant wipes or spray a paper towel with the disinfectant and wipe surfaces down. It’s important not to spray any area directly, as the flashback or spray and particles of the virus can be inhaled or land on your face and hands.

A typical sneeze last 45 minutes in the air, but with COVID-19, one study suggests it can last for up to 3 hours. No matter how long the airborne particles are hovering, these droplets can either land on your body, face, or surfaces and, eventually, the floor or ground. It’s best to treat any public area like it potentially has the virus. If you’ve been out, it’s recommended not to wear your shoes in your home and to change your clothing.

Tips to Stay Healthy
• Stay Home
• Try to limit any outings and wear a face covering (and gloves when appropriate)
• Disinfect the counters, doorknobs (anything you touch), as well as medication bottles or groceries that are brought inside from the pharmacy or store
• Wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water
• Get a good amount of sleep each night (7-9 hours)
• Eat nutritious foods (order you groceries online if you can)
• Try to stay active, physically and mentally
• Reach out to friends and relatives via the phone or video chat
• Don’t stress or become overly anxious—We’ll get through this together!

If you are interested in scheduling a telehealth visit, please call the office as you normally would and schedule a virtual consultation. We will resume in-office visits when able.

Even through uncertain times like these, you can trust that Dr. Vallabhan will be here for you and your cardiology care!

It’s your heart.
It should be personal.
And that’s how I treat it.

Dr. Thiruvallur Vallabhan is devoted to keeping your heart at its healthiest. Dr. Vallabhan is a Board Certified Cardiologist, and his mission is to provide The Villages and its surrounding communities with the highest quality cardiac care in a welcoming environment. He and his staff are dedicated to fulfilling the specific cardiac needs of each patient.

To find out more information on the Dr. Vallabhan, your local specialists in the diseases of the heart, veins, and arteries, please call (352) 750-2040 or visit them online at,

Rolling Oaks Professional Park • 929 N US HWY 441, Suite 201 • Lady Lake, FL 32159

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