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Chronic Pain and Therapeutic Massage

Chronic Pain and Therapeutic MassageFew things are as distressing as chronic pain. It saps your energy and takes an emotional toll. Over time, pain can become a vicious cycle with a life of its own; continuing even after the original cause is resolved. Therapeutic massage is a simple effective and readily available support measure for dealing with chronic pain.
A perceptive on the pain cycle
The pain cycle is a complex chain of events which reinforce each other. It can begin with injury, illness, trauma or even stress. Each element can trigger or amplify another creating a self-perpetuation cycle.
Effects of chronic pain on the body
Muscle Tension
When there is a painful area in the body, our muscles will automatically contract around the area of pain to protect and support that area. If the original pain is not resolved muscles can become habitually contracted and spread even pressing on nerves to cause tingling, numbness and more pain in a new area.
Reduced Circulation
When a muscle is tight and contracted it is like a sponge that is squeezed, it cannot hold fluids that are necessary for the muscle to function. When there is not enough fluid in the muscle circulation is impaired and irritating waste products can accumulate leaving a person feeling fatigued and sore. As the muscles tense, the cycle spreads.
Restricted Movement
Pain and muscle tension can make even the simplest action difficult and painful. Restricted movement will hinder you from exercise—which is needed for maintaining mobility and increasing good circulation!
Why Therapeutic Massage is Beneficial for breaking the Cycle of Pain.
Therapeutic Massage can break the cycle of pain with its ability to address most of the pain cycle elements.
Massage relieves muscle tension by stretching and kneading tight muscles and calming the nervous system. When muscles are relaxed pressure on the nerves are reduced relieving related pain to other areas of the body. As the nervous system relaxes, blood vessels dilate and increase circulation takes place. As the circulation increases the waste products are flushed away. Therapeutic Massage techniques release trigger points making muscles pliable to increases circulation and helps prevent new injuries.
The benefits of Therapeutic Massage on Chronic Pain can renew your energy and optimism. You may find yourself motivated to move and exercise, return to the activities you enjoy!
For more information on Chronic Pain and Therapeutic Massage call Therapeutic Massage by Larry @ 352-427-8843. Larry is Medical Massage Certified and located in Laurel Manor in The Villages. Inside the Florida Medical Assoc. bldg. 210 MA57809
About Larry

  • Larry has been married for 43yrs
  • Larry is a disabled Air Force veteran, serving in the Vietnam War.
  • Larry is a licensed Massage Therapist. He has Certifications in Medical Massage and Sports Massage. He has a Holistic approach to healing, specializing in Relief of Chronic Pain, Lower back pain, Sciatic pain, Headache Relief, Posture Alignment and Plantar Fasciitis as well as giving a Relaxing Massage.
  • Larry is an active member of the Florida State Massage Therapy Association and serves as 1st Vice President of the North Florida Chapter. He also served as Treasurer and was named Licensed Massage Therapist of the Year in 2010.
  • Larry has been in The Villages going on 4yrs.
  • Larry’s passion in The Villages is to help relieve Chronic Pain, Tension, and tight muscles to allow a person to enjoy their active life of retirement!

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