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Do You Know What Your Options Are for Looking Younger?

By the ImageLift Team –
Do You Know What Your Options Are for Looking Younger
Are you confused by all of the different treatments out there to help you look younger?  When it comes to the face and neck, the experts at ImageLift have been taking care of The Villages for years, offering more options to choose from that fit the active lifestyle.
To avoid prolonged downtime, there is a shift in philosophy to maintenance and prevention of aging changes. So, what is best to maintain and prevent? That depends on YOU and your preferences!
FIRST OF ALL, we must understand the three ways that we age in the face and neck:
1. Sagging
2. Volume Loss
3. Wrinkles and Sun Damage to the Skin
We shared this with a patient that recently told us, “It either sags, sinks, wrinkles, or has hair growing on it!” Every treatment focuses on one, two, or all three of the ways we age in our face.
In each area, there are light and deep treatments to choose from. Let’s start with Sagging Options. These options range from NO DOWNTIME to more traditional treatments:
1. Ultrasound Energy with SONA (treats deeper than radiofrequency technology or Thermage)
2. Laser light energy under the skin – skin and neck tightening (no removing skin, no stitches)
3. ImageLift (Small, Medium, or Large)
4. ImageLift combined with Laser light
5. Traditional facelift
Volume Loss Options are an easy place to start, as most of these require no downtime and may only have minor bruising or swelling:
1. Temporary fillers lasting 9-12 months
2. Collagen building fillers that last 2 to 4 years
3. Permanent fillers that last 5 years or longer
4. Fat Grafting (Procedure) may last years, often not permanent
Skin Care Options are easy to do at home if you have the right products. Light, in-office treatments with or without downtime can also be very effective:
1. Sun Protection, avoid smoking
2. Daily Skincare line (ProtherapyMD, Obagi, etc.)
3. Tretinoin (Active ingredient of Retin-A Brand Name)
4. Facial Masks, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion
5. Fractional CO2 laser treatments every 1-2 years to build and maintain collagen
6. Deep CO2 laser treatments every 5 to 15 years to treat deep wrinkles
7. Building collagen does improve some wrinkles
Our goal is that you KNOW WHAT YOUR OPTIONS ARE. Sorting through your options is easy when you schedule one-on-one time with one of our double board certified facial plastic surgeons.
Here is your checklist for making sure you are getting the most out of your consultations:
1. Double Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeons?
2. Specialize ONLY in treatments and procedures of the face and neck?
3. Artistic Results?
4. Offering the latest technology?
5. Proven Track record for natural results?
6. No travel required?
7. Meet your doctor at your first consultation?
8. Able to avoid the risk and expense of General anesthesia?
The ImageLift team loves that we get to be a special part of you making the decision to invest in yourself. Call now and receive a free copy of ImageLift’s new book, “We Guarantee We Can Make You Look Younger!” available while supplies last. Also available on and, retail $19.95.
Call (352) 243-LIFT (5438) or visit at

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