Tuesday , November 24 2020

Do Hearing Aids Make Your Hearing Worse?

Kevin T. Barlow, Au.D.
Scheyere-Anne Moir, Au.D.
Board Certified Doctors of Audiology
Do Hearing Aids  Make Your Hearing Worse?Most people put off getting hearing aids because they don’t want people to know they have a hearing problem, or they think hearing aids would be too noticeable. What most people don’t realize is that if hearing loss is left untreated, it can further worsen the loss or cause difficulties with cognition, memory and attention.
Hearing is partly through the ears, hearing nerves and the brain. Sound comes into the ear in sound waves, travels down the ear canal and through the middle ear bones and enters the Cochlea, the permanent hearing organ down inside the inner ear. Sound stimulates the nerves inside the cochlea at all different pitch or frequency ranges that the human ear can hear then the sound travels to the brain through the hearing nerves. Hearing loss occurs when the nerves inside the cochlea become damaged or broken and cannot be surgically or medically corrected and damage cannot be reversed. People don’t realize these nerves need to be exercised with sound and used consistently to work properly. Similar to muscles in your body, if you do not exercise them they can start to weaken.
People ask me all the time if hearing aids can damage your hearing further. If the hearing aids are properly adjusted and fit to your individual hearing loss it will not damage your hearing further. If left untreated, hearing loss can cause problems with memory and cognition.
When using hearing aids, they amplify sound so the ears can send a stronger sound signal to your brain. You are stimulating the nerves and strengthening the signals to your brain which helps keep your hearing and cognition active. The longer you put off wearing hearing aids if you are experiencing hearing loss, the harder it will be for the nerves to stay active. Hearing aids can prevent the hearing loss from declining at a faster rate when you use them early, often and consistently.
People who wear hearing aids are able to hear well with less effort, improves overall quality of life, helps you to engage in conversations in all of the environments you enjoy. Why wait to improve your hearing? Call Winter Haven Audiology & Ridge Audiology and let us be your home for hearing healthcare.
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