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Does Your Life Insurance Policy Measure Up?

What You Should Know
Does Your Life Insurance  Policy Measure Up?Did you know that your life insurance plan might not be portable? What does that actually mean? Well, if your employer provides a group life insurance plan, those typically are written to move with you through your transitions. For example, if you make a career move, retire or are laid off, you may lose your life insurance coverage.
As we age, there is no telling what life might entail for us; this is especially true for our health and the health of our loved ones. New York Life offers a better way. They have an elite plan called the “Employee Whole Life.” The Employee Whole Health is portable and will be yours to keep, trust and rely on as make changes in your life.
The Benefits of NY Life’s Employee Whole Life Includes:
• Easy application process
• Guaranteed to never increase in cost regardless of your age or health
• Easy on your budget
• Available to your Spouse, children, and grandchildren
Smart businesses and organizations from large hospital groups, Developers, Manufacturing to smaller companies and local businesses are discovering that New York Life has their employee’s best interest in mind and are offering this Employee Whole Life for their organizations. THIS PROGRAM COSTS NOTHING FOR AN EMPLOYER TO OFFER, SINCE ITS PAYROLL DEDUCTED
The difference isn’t just the exceptional benefits; it’s also the dedication of their agents, like Edward Martinez, Jr. of Maitland Florida. Edward makes it his top priority to be personally available to his accounts with by phone, email or in person to make certain that they are receiving the best service and to answer any issues or concerns that might arise.
The Employee Whole Life Plan’s application has very few if any health questions, so the process takes just a few minutes total to complete. The insurance premiums are automatically deducted from the employee’s paycheck, and the best part is that the policy guarantees to gain cash value and is yours to keep if you ever decide to cancel your policy. Backed by New York Life, with the highest ratings and trusted name, this plan is top of the line.
To find out more, please contact Edward Martinez, Jr. today at 352-895-4643.
New York Life Insurance Company
495 North Keller Rd. Suite 150
Maitland, FL 32751
352-895-4643 (cell)
407-648-8292 (fax)

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