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What Parents & Students Are Saying About KnowledgePoints

Thank you KnowledgePoints,
This program is great! My daughter went from a 38 to an 82 in math in one marking period! – Ross T.
KnowledgePoints is a fantastic organization that values the education of its students greatly. My high school GPA was not great, and I was afraid that I would not get accepted to any of the universities that I applied to. My last hope was to perform well on the ACT. My previous composite score on the ACT was a 24, but with the help of the amazing teachers at KnowledgePoints I was able to achieve a composite score of 29. With this high score, I was accepted into both University of South Florida and Florida State University. The owner, Rocky Contreras, the Center Director, Randee Williams, and all the teachers who helped me were wonderful and kind people who made me feel comfortable being there. This organization helped save my future, and I am very thankful for that. I recommend KnowledgePoints to anyone who wants to ensure a successful education. – Dylan D.
KnowledgePoints is the tutoring and test preparatory leader in the industry because of their experience and their success rate.
With numerous programs offered at levels to suit all ages and needs, KnowledgePoints understands that a “one-size-fits-all” approach is counterintuitive and that customizing each plan specific to the student is what sets them apart.
Offering tutoring and test preparations in reading, writing, study skills, phonics, elementary through high school math, algebra through calculus, chemistry and other sciences the KnowledgePoint’s staff is trained on how to achieve the best results with students, using patience and an individualized approach to help that student build the skills they need to be successful. KnowledgePoints provides superior supplemental education services to benefit children, parents, and educators to help them achieve success in school and life in communities across the nation.
The KnowledgePoints Center Director of Land O’ Lakes, Randee Williams has had a successful and varied career in both direct student instruction and education administration. Her personal experience with tutoring and how it helped her child’s confidence speaks volumes about the importance of children believing in themselves. She says, “My son did poorly in middle school math and really hit the wall when he started high school. He was sinking fast, so I got him tutoring.
After two sessions, the tutor told me my son did not believe he could learn math because he thought his brain was wired differently than other students. Once the tutor was able to convince my son that he COULD learn math, he went on to do well in high school math. Several years later, when he graduated from college, his first job was a middle school math teacher! So, I know both personally and professionally that every student can be successful given the right encouragement and instruction.”
Not every child is the same, nor should their tutoring be a one size fits all approach. With affordable tutoring and proven results, contact KnowledgePoints today to help your child succeed in school and in life with confidence.
• English
• Math
• Reading
• Science
• Study Skills
• Writing
• Algebra
• Biology
• Calculus
• Chemistry
• Geometry
• Physics
• Trigonometry
• and more!
Thank you,
I just wanted to say Thanks so very much for your tutoring center. As you know my daughter was required to take the 8th grade FSA and by April 1 she only had 3 chapters. Well thanks to your great staff they worked at identifying what was needed. I am only happy to report that her score was 99%. This is very remarkable because this is the first time she scored higher on math than language arts and at one grade higher this is truly an accomplishment. – Lisa V.
It was great!
My experience with KnowledgePoints was nothing but amazing. I first visited the Land O’ Lakes site for Alegbra 2 tutoring and later on I began taking their ACT prep classes. My math tutor was very sweet, and my grade improved greatly from the tutoring. My ACT prep classes were extremely helpful and proved very much worth it when I scored higher than I thought I would on the ACT. All of the tutors there are kind, considerate, and help students in every way they can. I always recommend KnowledgePoints to my friends and to anyone who needs their outstanding tutoring. With my high ACT score I can now apply to many colleges and have the ability to choose where I want to go, all thanks to their amazing services. – Hannah M.
To find out more about how KnowledgePoints can help you or your loved one, call them today at 813-909-0781, or visit their website at Landolakes.knowledgepoints.com.
*They accept the Gardiner Scholarship and the new Step Up for Students Reading Scholarship!
KnowledgePoints Trinity
10720 State Road 54 Suite 110
Trinity, FL 34655
KnowledgePoints Land O’ Lakes
2201 Collier Pkwy
Land O’ Lakes, FL 34639
Hours of Operation
Mon – Thurs: 11:30am – 7:30pm
Friday: Closed
Saturday: 9am – 1pm
*They accept the Gardiner Scholarship and the new Step Up for Students Reading Scholarship!

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