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Don’t Just Spend, Invest in Skin Care

Don’t Just Spend, Invest in Skin CareI’m going to be bold and bet you my lunch money that you have heard numerous times in your life that the skin is a VERY important organ regarding health, wellbeing and beauty. If you haven’t, welcome to planet earth! My point is, considering that the skin care industry represents a $532 billion global market (Zion Market Research on Cosmetic Industry 2017), it’s not a wonder that you get all kinds of skin care advertising on a daily basis.
It is not by accident that the skin care industry is such a profitable business, because it’s true that the skin is a vital organ in matters of health and beauty. Your skin:
1. Regulates body temperature.
2. Prevents loss of essential body fluids, and penetration of toxic substances.
3. Protects the body from harmful effects of the sun and radiation.
4. Excretes toxic substances with sweat.
5. Is the prime sensory organ for touch, heat, cold, socio-sexual and emotional sensations.
When it comes to skin and beauty, “beauty is skin deep” summarizes it pretty well. I have yet to find a single research study about beauty that doesn’t list a healthy/flawless skin complexion as one of the major factors in the perception of beauty, many times even above facial symmetry.
Despite the general agreement about the importance and advantages of a healthy skin, there is an increased prevalence of skin illnesses and conditions due to factors like poor dietary choices, overexposure to some environmental agents and sun, unhealthy habits and lack of skin care routines. Yet regardless of the unlimited offer of skin care products, most people don’t have a skin care regime at home. This lack may have a very simple explanation: there are so many skin products and treatments on the market, that most people feel overwhelmed and confused about what are the best choices. The commercial skin care marketing usually gives us the impression that a good skin care routine requires using dozens of products every day, almost like a full-time occupation. It gets worse when people invest considerable amounts of money purchasing over-the-counter skin-care lines that don’t necessarily achieve their promised results, and sometimes trigger bad skin reactions. This leads the consumer to conclude that the skin care products are just a waste of money.
I’m not going to say you don’t need to invest time, effort and resources for healthy and beautiful skin, or that you cannot make compromises. What I will tell you is that taking care of your skin is not as expensive, complex or laborious as it might seem. In fact it can, and should, be a very pleasant and relaxing experience that you can easily incorporate in your daily grooming routine and hygiene habits.
The essential structure of a good skin care regime implies cleansing, moisturizing and protecting the skin from sun damage. This means the daily use of small amounts of a few products, and it won’t take more than 5-10 minutes every morning and night. Adding the practice of exfoliating and deep moisturizing amplifies the good results with a minimum of additional time invested. Exfoliating is something that only needs to be done 1-2 times per week. The use of masks and serums can also be done on a weekly basis, or every other night if you really want to pamper your skin.
The main thing to keep in mind is that the key to all skin care at home, besides discipline, is having the right products that are specifically designed for your skin type and condition. When purchasing clothes you don’t just go to the store and grab the first garment that looks ok without considering size, material, color, right? Nor does it make sense either to use just any skin care product because its flashy advertising is everywhere, it works for a relative, a friend sells it, is on sale, etc.
The truth is, when you use the correct products, in the correct amounts, and the right order, you can truly achieve healthy and attractive skin. A well trained and experienced esthetician can easily determine what your skin needs, and the best skin care products and home routine for your skin. Then it’s very important that you religiously stick to them. Your esthetician can also advise you about professional treatments that can jump start your skincare routine, or help you to take care of a particular condition. Keep in mind that professional skin care is generally affordable nowadays and is going to make it easier and faster to achieve your skin goals. It’s also a very pleasant, relaxing and pampering experience. I am always happy to see my clients leaving my table with a smile and looking so rested, relaxed and refreshed. And I am always surprised to find so many people who’d rather to spend crazy amounts of money on makeup than investing in skincare. Don’t take me wrong, I love makeup as much as the next person, but I firmly believe that it should be used for enhancing your features rather than for concealing a damaged skin.
One final question: which do you think is less expensive and more pleasant, following a good skin care routine? Or paying for skin damage correcting treatments, or skin illness treatments?
I am a Colombian native, happy wife, and a proud mom. Former psychologist & educator. Currently a practicing Esthetician & PMU artist. I just love my new life and career in the USA providing Permanent Cosmetics and Skin Care Services!
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