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Eliminate Pain and Accelerate Your Body’s Natural Ability to Heal, Even if Nothing Else Works!

Eliminate Pain and Accelerate Your Body’s Natural Ability to  Heal, Even if Nothing Else Works!After 17 years, used in over 4,000 hospitals and medical facilities, in over 40 countries, documented in over 400 independent studies done internationally, with 115 published on the National Institute of Health’s website, as well as 40 (PubMed) medical journals, and over 1 million happy users proving the effectiveness of BEMER (Bio-Electro_Magnetic-Response) therapy. The technology is so effective NASA is now using it the space suits of astronauts to enhance their health, and protect them from the harmful effects of being in space.
BEMER, Physical Vascular Technology is finally available in Central Florida.
Safe & Effective Results
BEMER therapy is so safe, it is recommended for people with pacemakers, pregnant workmen and newborn babies. To obtain optimal results you simply lay or sit on the mat for eight minutes twice a day in the morning and evening. After only four weeks you can sleep on the device, continually improving your health every day, while you do nothing but sleep at night.
Your body is designed to self-heal. So let it!
BEMER supports the body’s inherent ability to repair and regulate itself.
Health is our most valuable possession. When we are ill, we want to re-gain our health as soon as possible; when we are healthy, we strive to maintain our good health as much as possible. Every living organism constantly produces, absorbs and distributes energy. These processes are kept in order and balance by natural self-regulating mechanisms.
Industrialization and socio-economic developments over the years have led to decreased production and utilization of vitally necessary energy in our bodies, mainly through lack of exercise, poor eating habits, unhealthy lifestyles, stress, and negative environmental changes. As a result, the self-regulating mechanisms that order and optimize our energy household have been brought to their limits.
Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation – BEMER therapy- utilizes the therapeutic effects of a low grade pulsating electromagnetic field. The electro-
magnetic energy of this field is the same principle used by nature from the beginning of time to maintain life and vitality in human organisms.
What makes BEMER therapy unique is the utilization of a very specific, patented broad spectrum impulse, developed in 1998 by physicist and biologist Professor Dr. Wolf Kafka.  All metabolic and regulatory functions of the human body, specifically that of microcirculation, react positively to the electromagnetic field created by this impulse.  As a  result, the body’s oxygen supply improves, and with it the production of energy in the form of ATP (Adenosintriphosphate) – the power source of energy at the cellular level).
The deciding difference of BEMER therapy compared to other methods is that rather than merely treating symptoms, it addresses and supports basic processes in the body, and thus maintains and promotes healthy function. It regulates, stabilizes and supports essential and, if necessary, curative processes within the body.
BEMER therapy is not an ”’indication
based” or ailment-specific.
This means that it does not work JUST on the one problem we might want it to deal with. BEMER therapy is holistic in the true sense of the word. The BEMER’s electro-magnetic field is applied to the entire body; meaning it optimizes functions within the body as a whole and not on one specific ailment. This is why any BEMER treatment is of benefit. The different programs and levels fine-tune the treatment, but using a different level, or missing a treatment is not going to be detrimental to the client, it will simply mean that improvement and recovery might be a little slower than would otherwise be the case. There are therefore no rigid and specific protocols for various types of illness.
BEMER therapy increases blood circulation and lymph drainage at the capillary or micro-vascular level, increasing energy in the body at a cellular level, and much more.
The effectiveness of BEMER therapy has been documented as follows by scientific studies at universities and national science institutes worldwide, in accordance to GCP standards:
• Improved circulation, especially micro-circulation
• Strengthened immune system
• Stabilized oxidative balance
• Increased endurance (sport)
The BEMER has been used successfully for the treatment of the following conditions, amongst others:
• Accelerated recovery from mild to severe burns
ADD and ADHD in children
• Arthritis
• Asthma
• Backache Burns
• Cancer support
• Chronic and ‘Age-Related’ conditions
• Chronic Tiredness
• Circulatory Disorders
• Degenerative conditions of the joints and spine
• Depression and anxiety states
• Diabetes and related circulatory complications
• ED, Erectile Dysfunction
• Fibromyalgia Fractures
• Headaches & Migraine Hyper/Hypotonia
• Inflamation
• Immune System Disorders (auto-immune)
• Jet-lag alleviation
• Muscle Tension
• Non-healing wounds, ulcers, pressure sores etc.
• Osteoporosis
• Post-operative care – to reduce swelling & risk
of infection
• Pain, chronic and accute
• Rapid regeneration after exercise & sport injuries
• Respiratory Conditions, COPD
• Rheumatism Scar build-up
• Sinus Issues
• Skin conditions, i.e. eczema, acne, psoriasis
• Sleep Disorders
• Sports Injuries
• Swelling
• Varicose Veins
• Wound Healing
• Support for multiple sclerosis & other
degenerative conditions
• Tinnitus
BEMER & AMT together, produce astounding results.  
The technology used in BEMER therapy, is a perfect compliment to the Electro-Acuscope Myopulse Therapy (AMT) equipment which uses artificial intelligence (read-analyze-respond) to optimize the autonomic nerves system. It produces, similar, and complementary results, by using precise low level electromagnetic fields (instead of micro-current) to stimulate blood and lymph flow to micro circulatory or capillary system of the body.
When BEMER therapy is used in conjunction with AMT it is by far the worlds most advance therapy for accelerating natural healing, optimizing health and eliminating pain.
Never accept that you should learn to live with any disease(s). Your body’s amazing ability to heal itself must not be ignored. It just needs the right ingredients to do this, i.e. energy and bloodflow.
Contact Energy Medical at 352-552-1889 today to learn more about providing your body what it needs to heal itself!  FREE Consultation and Demonstrations available.
Energy Medical is proud to announce Multiple Sclerosis Clinical Studies, beginning early 2016. The studies are based on the highly effective use AMT, and BEMER therapy to relieve pain and other symptoms associated with the condition.
It is a known fact that the degenerative condition of MS is not curable in the allopathic (modern medical) paradigm. This is because modern medicine seeks to manufacture a biochemical intervention (a drug) to encourage healing and/or mask symptoms.
Anyone with Multiple Sclerosis is welcome to participate, and should call our office for further details.
Call 352-552-1889 to learn more about the MS studies or to enroll in one today!
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