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Embrace Life and Hear the Joy This Holiday Season, Get Your Hearing Tested with a Loved One

HearUSAGetting your hearing tested with a loved one may be the most precious and uplifting gift you can give-or get-this holiday season, says the Better Hearing Institute (BHI). No doubt, it will be among the very best things you-and your loved one-can do to safeguard an active, healthy, engaging lifestyle.
To help you take that first step, visit HearUSA’s website for an instant hearing evaluation at, to determine if you or your loved one need a comprehensive hearing test by a hearing healthcare professional.
In the past few years, the realities of modern-day life have realigned themselves, forcing us to re-think how we look at hearing loss. Younger people- Gen Xers and youthful minded baby boomers- are developing hearing loss in greater numbers. Certainly, they’re not ready to give up an inch on their active personal or professional lives. At the same time, older Americans are putting off retirement and staying in the workforce longer. All the while, hearing aid technology and design have undergone a sweeping transformation-taking off
in terms of what they can offer youthful-minded people eager to stay active and engaged.
The new reality is that hearing loss is part of modern life for a great number of people. It’s commonplace. And like many things modern, there are sleek technologies and innovative services that can make it much easier to manage hearing loss that is, if you acknowledge and address it.
The vast majority of people with hearing loss can benefit from hearing aids.
Simply, today’s hearing aids are state-of-the-art, highly effective, sleek and sophisticated. They’re high-tech like other wearable consumer electronics-but one that is transforming in its ability to help keep people of all ages connected to their smartphone, television, other prized electronics, and most importantly, to life.
But that’s not all. Complementary technologies-like induction loop systems, known as hearing loops, in concert halls and other public places, or remote microphones that companions can wear in noisy restaurants so their voice streams directly into their friend or loved one’s hearing aid-make it all the easier for people with hearing loss to stay active and involved.
So this holiday season, do something life-altering. Empower a loved one who may be struggling with unaddressed hearing loss to press the ” refresh” button on his or her life. Go together to get your hearing tested. It’s a new world out there. Embrace it, and hear the joy this holiday season.
• Speak clearly, distinctly, and not too fast. Never shout.
• If you must repeat something, try not to appear frustrated or annoyed.
• If your comment or question is still not being understood, re-word it. Some words are easier to understand than others.
• In a group situation, try to include that person in the conversation.
• Look directly at the person when speaking and place yourself no more than five feet apart.
• Conversation is greatly enhanced when there is no distracting background noise, for example, from a radio or T\1.
• When dining out, choose a quiet restaurant. Noisy conversations or the clatter of dishes and tableware are barriers to effective understanding.
• Conversation is much easier in a room with carpeting and upholstered furniture than in a room with tiled floors, high ceilings or wooden furniture.
• Your facial expressions, gestures, and overall body language are important aids in communicating; make sure you have the listener’s attention and that the room is well/it .
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