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Excessive Sweating Disrupting your Life and Wardrobe? You are Not Alone…

Excessive  Sweating  Disrupting your  Life and Wardrobe?   You are Not Alone…Anna lost count years ago of the number of blouses she’s ruined.
Not because of spills, overuse or laundry mishaps, mind you.
No, the cause of Anna’s wardrobe’s short life is much, more simple: “From around age 30 on, my underarms would sweat excessively and uncontrollably,” she explains.
Despite trying as many conventional underarm-sweat-reduction methods as she could find (including pharmaceutical-grade antiperspirants), Anna found that none were effective.
Anna explains that not only did excessive sweating ruin her clothing, it also took a toll on her confidence. “I found myself avoiding activities with friends and colleagues, I always kept several blouses in my car, all in all the effort to avoid embarrassment was overwhelming.” Anna, who lives in Central Florida, had a fairly common medical condition called hyperhidrosis.
“An estimated 8 million people in the U.S. suffer from hyperhidrosis,” explains Jeanna Parker, owner and Nurse Practitioner at Bella Viságe Medical and Aesthetic Rejuvenation in Downtown Lakeland, “It’s an embarrassing, distracting and often expensive disorder to live with.”
Of course, residing in our balmy, tropical climate only exacerbates the condition.
Until recently, those who suffered hyperhidrosis could choose surgery or oral prescription medications to treat the problem. In 2019, the FDA approved neurotoxin Jeuveau for use, affectionately called #NEWTOX by health and beauty experts. Jeuveau decreases the amount of underarm perspiration by 90%. A tremendous result without the need for invasive surgery, or ongoing expensive oral medications.
Jeuveau Treatment
Jeuveau is a protein that works by turning off a single receptor that supplies sweat glands. These tiny receptors pass messages from the nerve to the sweat glands, therefore, turning them off prevents the gland from producing sweat.
Jeuveau is administered via injection into the armpit, “but don’t worry this procedure is not painful, the medication is delivered via a very tiny needle just beneath the skin,” explains Jeanna Parker. “While it might sound intimidating it is not what you expect. It’s almost completely painless as there are very few pain receptors in this area of treatment”. The procedure can be completed in one 15 minute visit with no down time. Jeuveau can also be used to decrease perspiration of the hands and feet just as effectively.
Full results take effect in 1-2 weeks and last 6-12 months. This treatment effectively reduces 90% of perspiration in treated areas.
“Jeuveau has changed my life, I don’t have to worry about the embarrassment of perspiring through my clothing, or constantly changing clothes, I can just enjoy & live my life” states Anna.
If you think you might benefit from Jeuveau, call the team at Bella Viságe to schedule your free consultation today. You will be glad you did!
Bella Viságe
Bella Viságe offers high-end medical rejuvenation services, world-class aesthetics, and luxurious massages in a unique, historic spa in downtown Lakeland. They put great thought and planning into every detail of the spa from the décor, technology, products and the types of services offered.
Bella Viságe’s clients best reflect the quality service offered, Bella Viságe receives 5 star reviews time and time again for their impeccable service, innovation, cutting edge technology and caring comforting environment.
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