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Feeling The Aftermath of Hurricane Irma

Feeling The Aftermath of Hurricane IrmaWith all of the preparations, and bracing for the worst, the overall experience  has left many individuals physically feeling the aftermath of hurricane Irma.
Most people in our area had less than 24 hours to prepare their homes, make a plan, evacuate, or hunker down in place.  The physical tasks of filling 30-pound sandbags, let alone hoisting them in and out of the car, and placing them strategically around our homes were hard on our shoulders and backs.  Putting up hurricane shutters or cutting and nailing large pieces of plywood to the windows and doors is laborsome, to say the least.  Did you move furniture to avoid floodwater?  Did you cut down tree limbs, trying to spare your home from the wreckage?  Perhaps you even helped your neighbors, family, and friends with these physical tasks.  All of this causes substantial strain on our bodies.  Even those that evacuated are affected by the stress and tension of driving hours in massive amounts of traffic.
You may be feeling the pains and stiffness even more so, now that you are processing the repercussion of Irma and property damage.  Many people are making appointments with their chiropractor because of tension headaches, sciatica, shoulder, neck and back pain.  If you are suffering, and trying to get your life back to normal both mentally and physically, scheduling a consultation with a chiropractor is one way to make certain that you receive the proper care without drugs and unnecessary medical procedures.  Chiropractic care utilizes a much more holistic approach, with proven results like, decompression, cold laser therapy, traction, and massage just to name a few.
When you have suffered an injury, Compton Chiropractic Care can help put you on the road to recovery. At their facility in The Villages, FL, they offer a variety of care services for patients throughout the area. No matter what type of condition you are suffering from, the experienced team of professional chiropractors at Compton Chiropractic Care will work with you to develop a personalized therapeutic treatment plan.  They make sure your needs are always their number one priority.
The Compton Chiropractic Center:
• Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff
• Personalized Therapy Treatments
• Patients Are Our Number One Priority
• Treating More Than Neck And Back Pain
• Chiropractor With A Medical Approach
• Top Quality Health Care For A Reasonable Fee
• Palmer Graduates
• Call Today For A Free Consultation
No matter what type of care you need, if you live in The Villages, you can rest assured that you will receive superior care with the Compton Chiropractic Center.  As we try and put Irma behind us emotionally, let them help you physically heal as well.  Please call them today, to schedule your appointment.
Every patient gets a detailed initial evaluation including a complete history, orthopedic and neurological testing.  With a proper diagnosis, our patients will receive a proper treatment plan.  With a proper treatment plan, patient’s pain is decreased in shorter periods of time.
Compton Chiropractic is also proud to announce that it’s Office is Medicare accredited by The Healthcare Quality Association on Accreditation (HQAA).  Only a small percentage of Offices in the country hold this unique accreditation which allows us to be a dispensing location for approved Medicare braces.
“I suffered from sciatica for 10 years until a friend told me about Dr. Compton.  After 8 treatments and a brace, I was back on the golf course and out of pain.” – L.R.
“My knee pain was debilitating until Dr. Compton introduced me to a brace that literally takes the pain away.  My knee feels young again and I couldn’t be happier.” A.A
“The Doctors are all amazing and actually care for patients like they were family.” – A.O.
“I was referred to Dr. Compton by Medicare after an operation.  I needed a brace to help me recover and Compton Chiropractic treated me wonderfully.”- C.S.
“The Doctors and staff at Compton Chiropractic are knowledgeable and efficient.  They are always highly recommended.” -Local Family Physician
Providing Quality Chiropractic Care to patients in and around The Villages, Florida.
Our Philosophy
. Treat patients as individuals and perform a thorough exam
. Deliver an accurate diagnosis
. Treat patients with the highly reliable and world-known Palmer “hands on” Technique
. No long-term treatment plans or large out-of-pocket expenses
. Provide patients with non-surgical alternatives to pain
Our Facility Offers
. Medicare accreditation for DME bracing
. State-of-the-art treatment tables
. On-site digital x-ray
. Physical Rehab suite with cold laser technology
. Use of blood and urine testing to evaluate for food allergies and heavy metal toxicity
. Clinical Nutrition
. Quality care without the wait
. Medicare
. Blue Cross Blue Shield
. Cigna, Aetna
. Humana
. United Health Care plans
. Personal Injury
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