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Full Body Vibration: Natural Pain Relief for Arthritis Sufferers

Full Body VibrationThe official definition of arthritis is an inflammation of one or more of your joints. This inflammation manifests in stiff joints and pain, which usually get worse with age.
Arthritis is caused by a number of sources.  Most people that suffer form arthritis have osteoarthritis, which develops naturally as we repeatedly use our joints and age. Another kind of arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis, which is caused by an autoimmune disorder. Other types of arthritis can be caused by a number of sources including disease, infections, genetics, etc.
Regardless of the type of arthritis, most of the symptoms are the same–the stiffness, pain, and swelling in the joints.
Modern medicine has one main weapon to fight arthritis–drugs.  There are dozens of different medications, maybe even hundreds, that doctors will prescribe to suffering patients.  In some cases where it could be useful, doctors may recommend surgery to replace joints like those in your hips and knees.
Natural Treatment with Full Body Vibration
Today’s technological advances have paved the way for medicine alternatives that successfully treat various conditions, including arthritis.  There are numerous research articles published by scientists over the last 10 years showing the benefits of full body vibration for those who suffer from arthritis.
So how does full body vibration help
arthritis sufferers?
Low impact exercise is very important for people with Arthritis. When exercising with arthritis you have to focus on certain movements and an overall balanced workout for your full body, not just the area affected by arthritis. A common mistake is to focus on just the area that is in pain. This can be a big mistake because you will throw your body’s balance off, potentially overwork the problem area, and can actually perpetuate the arthritis causing inflammation or cartilage deterioration. It is important to focus on range of motion, strengthening, and aerobic benefits when exercising to benefit arthritis.
Exercise can reduce pain and disability by decreasing muscle inhibition and by improving local circulation. Unfortunately, most arthritis sufferers tend to not adhere to an exercise regimen due to the discomfort associated with working out. The more difficult the exercise, the less likely they will do it. Full body vibration is particularly suited for these people because it exercises the postural system. Full body vibration is easy to use, the exercise sessions are short and best of all it is safe. Full body vibration is a great option to relieve arthritis pain and suffering, maybe even reverse the effects naturally.
Full body vibration stimulates muscles, connective tissues, and cartilage, all of which contribute to easing the swelling, stiffness, and pain caused by arthritis.
How does it do this? When you’re standing on a good full body vibration plate (yes, there are bad ones) at 5 Hz you may not realize it, but your muscles are naturally contracting 5 times per second.  This full body stimulation travels throughout your entire body stimulating muscles, tissues, and cartilage.
Not only does this help relieve the symptoms of arthritis, but the full body vibration is also strengthening muscles and increasing circulation throughout your system.  Increased muscle strength helps support the joints and increased circulation feeds the cartilage more nutrients and oxygen.
As if the benefits above weren’t enough, by stimulating the muscular and circulatory systems, we’re also stimulating the lymphatic system, which removes the waste products from the body.  This speeds up the removal of the body waste and toxins that are associated with the inflammation in the joints.  Quicker waste removal equals reduced inflammation.
One more benefit, flexibility.  There are entire research groups studying flexibility alone. They have found that arthritis does decrease the flexibility in the joints and that full body vibration actually increases it.  Flexibility is a natural result of the full body stimulation that occurs as one stands on the vibration plate.
A number of patients that have suffered with arthritis for years are realizing that full body vibration is the first non-medicated solution that can successfully provide relief from daily pain. By simply standing on the machine and letting the vibrations stimulate the body the pain caused from arthritis is relieved while balance, muscle strength and flexibility is gained.
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