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Glyphosate(Roundup): Pathway to Modern Diseases

By Douglas C. Hall, M.D., GYN, and Functional Medicine Specialist
Is the soil making you sick? Ask yourself the following question: Do you suffer from bloating, allergies, asthma, autoimmune disease, acid reflux, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, thyroid disorders, IBS, Celiac disease, hormonal imbalance, skin disorders, Parkinson’s, cognitive decline or other chronic disorders? If you do, you should have a few simple, but necessary tests performed to find out if you have a high concentration of glyphosate and leaky gut.
Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the herbicide Roundup. It is a broad-spectrum herbicide (it is an antibiotic), considered to be nearly nontoxic to humans. (1) However, a recent paper by researchers Samsel and Seneff,, argued that glyphosate may be a key contributor to the obesity epidemic and the autism epidemic in the United States, as well as to several other diseases and conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, infertility, depression, and cancer. (2) Glyphosate inhibits a critical bacterial metabolic pathway in the gut microbiome that produces essential amino acids. Microbiome is also adversely affected by antibiotic usage.
Leaky gut is also known as intestinal permeability causes illnesses. We know precisely which proteins, microbiota, and microorganisms are responsible for the mucosal and epithelial damage or leaks. The natural functioning of our intestinal wall is to allow nutrients to pass through, but with Leaky gut, large openings enable dangerous substances to enter the bloodstream. This happens when the TJs, or tight junctions in the intestinal wall open and cause seepages. The immune system sees these substances as foreign bodies and begins to attack them, which causes immune flare-ups and a host of disorders to arise.
Microbiota are the “bugs” in our gut. These are made up of micro-organisms and viruses that harbor themselves in the GI tract. We live in synergy with the microbiota, and they live in synergy with us, their host. The microbiome is what makes up the whole genetic profile of the microbiota. These are the bacteria, viruses, , and eukaryotes. We need the microbes to digest food, vitamins, and nutrients, to regulate our hormones, support our immune system, and to protect us against pollutants.
Starch from wheat, oats, rye, barley, buckwheat, rice, potatoes and legumes and fiber from whole-grain bread, brown rice, legumes, vegetables, and fruits are common. These provide nourishment (development, growth, functioning, and even survival) to our microbial friends; HOWEVER, the metabolism of many of these are beyond the ability of the host to digest, so both host and microbes have to complete the task. The importance of a healthy microbiome cannot be overstated!
There is now a world epidemic of diseases. The information below as described by Zach Bush, M.D. paints a vivid picture of the rising ratio of these conditions:
Autism: 1:36
Attention Deficit: 1:8 (70% medicated)
Asthma: 1:10
Allergy: 1:4
Diabetes: 1:4
Obesity: 1:3
Major Depression: 1:2
Cancer: 1:2
Dementia: 1:1
In 1975 the incidence of autism was one in 5000! Today it is 1 in 36! It is predicted that in the year 2035 it will be 1 in 2 unless some dramatic changes are made! What has changed? Our genes are the same!
The Soil!
The Topsoil has been destroyed by glyphosate! When we eat foods derived from or indirectly from the soil, our microbiome is altered. The government has not banned the use of glyphosate (Roundup) in the United States! Maybe the recent trial where a gentleman was awarded $289 million when a jury concluded that his cancer was the result of his exposure to Roundup (glyphosate) will get the
Government’s attention!
It became common practice in 1992 to use glyphosate as a desiccant (drying agent) and a ripening agent just before harvest to get to market faster. So now all the wheat, oats, barley, rye, canola, cotton, potatoes, grapes, raspberries, apples, sunflower, sugar cane, etc. are all sprayed with Roundup before they go to market plus being sprayed during the growth cycle. Cows eat the grass that has been sprayed with Roundup, and we drink the milk and eat the cheese.
Zach Bush, MD. and his research team have studied the soil for several years. They have determined that ”healthy soil, similar to a healthy ecosystem, contains a vast library of nutrients, mineral, amino acids, and other complex metabolites that are released through the digestive processes of bacteria and fungi.”(3) These complex chemicals protect us from and repair the damage from glyphosate.
They have found that if they go deep in the soil, these complex array of chemicals are still present. They have developed a method to extract this diversity of complex chemicals and put them in a liquid dietary supplement called Restore. I encourage everyone to watch some of the YouTube videos by Dr. Bush to learn more about this incredible product. It can change the quality and length of your life. Urine tests are available at our office to determine your level of glyphosate. Please pick one up ASAP so you can determine your risk.
If you believe you have leaky gut as a result of Roundup exposure, food sensitivities or antibiotic use, it’s imperative to get tested and receive functional medicinal care to reverse your disorder and to alleviate the complications of long-term gut permeability and the diseases that are so often related to the disorder.
About Doug Douglas C. Hall, M.D., OB/GYN, and Functional Medicine Specialist
Dr. Douglas Hall was born in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1941. He received his undergraduate and medical degrees at the University of Florida, trained in functional medicine at the Institute of Functional Medicine in Gig Harbor, Washington, and served in the U.S. Air Force Medical Corp. Dr. Hall has 44 years experience in practice, with 25 in functional medicine. He is a member of the Age Management Medicine Group, the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, the American Chiropractic Association Council on Nutrition, the Endocrine Society, and the Institute of Functional Medicine. In addition, he is a recipient of the Honor of the Diplomat of American Clinical Board of Nutrition.
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1. Expert Opin Drug Metab Toxicol. 2009;5(6):607—620
2. CanJ Bot. 1977;56:2196—2202
3. J. Nutr Food Sci 2016, 6:5
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