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Heart and Vascular Disease The Great Cholesterol HOAX

Heart and Vascular Disease The Great Cholesterol HOAXTrue and overwhelming evidence exists in medical peer review articles, and literature that explains how heart and cardiovascular diseases are preventable, as well as point out the same underlying causes also produce Allergic and Non allergic Rhinitis, Asthma, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Autoimmune diseases.    How can the current medical establishment be so totally blind in the evaluation and clinical care of this pandemic affecting Americans?   Why would the mainstream medical institutions totally ignore and treat patients with outdated and archaic measures, which are known to not treat the cause(s) of the disease, BUT in many cases actually make the disease state worsen, and create new health challenges for the patient?
The Great Cholesterol DECEPTION
Cholesterol is not causing heart disease, strokes and the like. On the contrary, cholesterol is absolutely necessary for proper human function. Most physicians are ignoring the peer review literature and countless studies, which state that cholesterol is essential for proper function of the body. When cholesterol is tampered with by medications, disastrous outcomes occur, such as cancer, immuno-compromise, neurodegenerative diseases, and psychoses.
What is particularly interesting is that a steadily increasing number of studies have found that high cholesterol is beneficial, most likely because it protects against cancer and infectious diseases. Today, at least a hundred scientific reviews on this subject have been published, but no one has been able to explain how the infections interact with the processes that lead to atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. The main obstacle is most likely that for almost half a century we have been effectively brainwashed to believe that cholesterol is the bad guy. How can high cholesterol be dangerous and at the same time protecting us from factors that are harmful to our vessels?
A minimal minority gains benefit from cholesterol-lowering drugs. The side effects, many of which are severely debilitating and even fatal, are grossly underreported. There are countless tens of thousands of cases of secondary side effects of cognitive decline, weak muscles, sexual dysfunction, mood disorders, and most distressing of all heart failure! As a matter of fact heart failure is now climbing in statistics due to the increased prescriptions of statin drugs being administered.
The TRUTH About Cholesterol
• Cholesterol is a substance vital to all cells
• Your body produces three to four times more cholesterol than what you eat.  The production increases when you eat only small amounts of cholesterol and decreases when you eat large quantities
• People with low cholesterol become just as atherosclerotic (arterial hardening) as people with high cholesterol
• The effect on cholesterol through a low-fat diet is trivial
• Most of the cholesterol-lowering drugs are dangerous to your health and may (will) shorten your life
• New cholesterol-lowering drugs do lower heart disease mortality, but this is because of effects other than cholesterol lowering
• Unfortunately, they also may destroy your muscles and your mind, make you impotent and produce cancer
• These facts have been presented in scientific journals for decades
• The cholesterol campaign creates immense prosperity for researchers, doctors, pharmaceutical and food industries at the expense and health of the American Consumer
INFLAMMATION!  Inflammation is the primary attri-buting factor in most, if not all, disease states affecting humanity globally.  If inflammation is the cause of these conditions what is happening with medical treatment protocols?  There is a term known as “iatrogenic disease,” which refers to any illness caused by a physician or treatment.  It is extremely common!  In a typical year, more than a hundred thousand people die from medications they had been prescribed, and more than 2 million others suffer severe side effects. Peer review articles state that as many as 30,000 people die each year from taking an aspirin per day due to gastric hemorrhage, liver disease, and kidney failure.  And this is just the tip of the “Iceberg.”
Without a doubt, the American public is so toxic and nutritionally deficient that it’s no wonder why we have so many health challenges affecting us today.   You cannot treat the cause(s) of cardiovascular and heart diseases by “blocking a receptor site and shutting (poisoning) down an enzymatic reaction” which is the primary function of pharmaceutical medication in today’s world. 
So what You NEED to Do?
Dr. Badanek will get to the root of your health challenges by finding what’s causing it. He determines your cause(s) of your condition and weighs all risk factors. He then places you on a personalized plan that doesn’t include toxic pharmaceuticals or invasive procedures.
If you or someone you know is suffering
from heart, vascular disease, or other conditions that have not responded to your current health
care provider and medication, please contact Dr. Badanek’s office for a courtesy consultation at 352-622-1151 or go to his websites at: OR

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