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Heart Health Depends on Killing Senescent Immune Cells and Reducing ‘Inflammaging’

Heart Health Depends on Killing Senescent  Immune CellsAfailing immune system can also be called Immunosenescence, which refers to the gradual deterioration of the immune system brought on by natural age advancement.

Immunesenescence, or aging of the immune cells, is the core cause of many chronic conditions, including heart disease.

Aging cells can accumulate, and when they do, they emit signals that cause systemic low-grade inflammation. This is also called “inflammaging.” Anyone with cardiovascular disease, from hypertension to heart attack will have been told by their doctor that the cause is inflammation. Inflammation can block the growth of new immune cells, damage others, and cause real problems for your heart and arteries. If all our senescent cells could eliminate themselves (apoptosis) as they did when we were young, we would all live longer and healthier lives.

Here’s how it works.
Immunosenescence affects both the innate and adaptive immune systems. However, the most notable changes are with your T-Cell (type of white blood cell) diversity, ability to signal, and population. Senescent T cells have the ability to produce large quantities of pro-inflammatory cytokines (a type of signaling molecule) and cytotoxic mediators. This has recently been shown to have pathogenic implications in cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, and myocardial infarctions. Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death worldwide.

So, what to do?
The answers seem quite clear, eliminate your accumulating senescent cells. This will help lower systemic inflammation, and by doing so, you allow more new immune cells to reproduce. That, in turn, will boost your immune system and slow or reverse cardiovascular disease. This approach to correcting the source of the problem is the new paradigm now emerging in medicine.

Measure Your Immune System at the Maharaj Institute of Immune Regenerative Medicine
Dr. Maharaj, Medical Director of South Florida Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplant Institute, DBA, The Maharaj Institute of Immune Regenerative Medicine, and an internationally renowned Hematologist/Oncologist/Bone Marrow Transplant Physician and leader in Regenerative Medicine, performs a sophisticated blood test which examines both the innate and adaptive parts of the body’s protection system. This test includes about 100 cellular markers, including T Cells, B Cells, and Natural Killer Cells. It also measures the pro- and anti-inflammatory Cytokines and determines how well a person’s inflammation is balanced.

This test examines areas that standard blood tests do not and creates an Immune Risk Profile (IRP) that can range from zero – no imminent likelihood of disease – through mild, moderate, and severe. “A person with a severe risk probably already has a disease, with the onset possibly occurring as many as 20 years ago,” said Dr. Maharaj. Using Immune Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Maharaj can repair and strengthen the Immune System to the point where it can even be collected and stored in the Stem Cell Cryobank at the Institute, for a time when it may be needed in the future.

The Immune Panel blood test is the first step to being proactive in addressing the root cause of your immunesenescence which is causing heart disease inflammation.

Medical Director
Dipnarine Maharaj, MBChB., MD.,
FRCP (Edin.), FRCP (Glasg.), FRCPath., FACP

Ask us About Measuring Your Immune System Dr Maharaj has been working in the field of stem cells for more than 30 years. He is a Hematologist/Oncologist/Bone Marrow Transplant Physician. In the 1980s at the University of Glasgow in Scotland, he helped pioneer the use of stem cell transplants for blood cancers, now the standard of care. He has over the years continued to be innovative and now focuses on measuring and repairing the immune system using Immunotherapy and Immune Regenerative Medicine.

For more information:
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