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How Hearing Loss and Other Hearing Related Disorders Can Affect Your Health

It’s hard to believe that it’s 2020, and with the new year comes ample time for change and self-direction for our lives and our health. If you suffer from hearing or balance disorders, it’s time that you get the appropriate treatment to live your life free from lack of communication, ringing in the ears, pain, dizziness, and other adverse effects that are damaging to your overall health.

Ringing in the ears is called tinnitus, which can be a challenging condition to live with as it can create incredibly uncomfortable sensations and pain known as hyperacusis in many individuals. It can cause communication issues that can affect social and work-related problems, as well as withdrawal. Although there is no cure, there are multiple ways to manage tinnitus.

Meniere’s Disease
Meniere’s Disease causes dizziness, hearing loss, and pressure, and it usually begins in one ear and can last for years. There are ways to manage this disorder; it’s best not to leave it untreated as dizziness can cause nausea and puts one at high risk for falls and injuries.

Acoustic Neuroma
Although rare, An acoustic neuroma is a benign tumor that develops on the vestibular cochlear nerves, which can cause significant pressure on the brain and inner ear, resulting in hearing loss, balance disorders, ringing in the ears and pain. Medications or surgery can reverse or help to manage this disorder.

Hearing Loss
Hearing loss can pose many health risks. Lack of communication can result in higher risks of depression. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, this is especially true for women. The same study, however, indicated that men are at a much higher risk than women to encounter hearing loss in the first place.

Cardiovascular issues can be indicative of hearing loss. When the blood flow in the body is obstructed by atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries/plaque build-up), the tiny blood vessels in the ears can also be affected, which can lead to hearing loss to specific frequencies and tones.

When sound processing is jumbled or reduced, the risk of dementia and other cognitive issues are increased due to the inability of the brain to properly signal and process. It is thought that there is a 30 to 40 percent increase in cognitive decline in individuals with hearing loss.

If you have hearing loss in one ear, it can throw off your ability to decipher from where sounds are coming. Obviously, not knowing where a siren is blaring from, or a scream is coming from can be detrimental to your safety and the safety of those around you.

Conductive hearing loss is caused by outer or middle ear obstructions or obstructions or impairments:
• Outer or middle ear infections, which can deterio-rate the tiny inner ear bones or affect the eardrum
• Eardrum tears or damage
• Vascular conditions
• Impacted ear wax

Sensorineural hearing loss is caused by damage to the inner ear’s hair cells:
• Aging
• Loud noise exposure
• Ototoxic medications
• Diseases or illnesses

Hearing aids offer many important features for patients and the tiny devices can make a huge impact on your overall health!

Don’t continue to live with your hearing loss or other ear disorders like balance issues or tinnitus. Get the proper diagnostic testing and get the treatment you need to start your new year in a healthier, happier way.

At Trinity Hearing & Balance, we truly believe that better hearing leads to a better life. Our patient-centered approach allows us to focus on satisfying your hearing care need, whatever they may be. Our practice will work with you to diagnose and find solutions for your hearing, tinnitus, and balance needs using state-of-the-art equipment and the most advanced technology. Because our focus is entirely on your unique needs, coming to Trinity Hearing & Balance means that you’ll experience patient care that is specific to you, with exceptional follow-up care that ensures your hearing and balance needs are being met.

Trinity Hearing & Balance wants you to be satisfied with your care. We are a local, independent, community-oriented practice. Our services are fully guaranteed, meaning we are committed to listening to your concerns, and your technology is always perfectly fit to renew your world of hearing. A strong patient-provider relationship based on honesty, integrity, and values is what we strive for, and we feel that this is the best approach to making sure you don’t miss any of the precious moments in your life.

• Tinnitus Treatment
• Hearing Tests
• Hearing Aids for all budgets
• Hearing Aid Repairs
• Dizziness, Loss of Balance, Vertigo
• Hearing Protection
• Evaluates and Recommends Cochlear Implant Surgery

If you are experiencing any hearing issues, or need a hearing or balance evaluation, please call Trinity Hearing & Balance of New Port Richey at (727) 755-0391 to schedule your appointment.

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