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Improve Your Thyroid Function and Lose Weight

Improve Your Thyroid FunctionYou’ve done your homework and tried every weight loss program you could find. Nothing worked for your weight loss, or if it did, it didn’t work for long. You lost weight only to regain it. Or you sacrificed for months without shedding a pound.
Doctors and others told you that you didn’t have will power, and you started to believe them. You questioned yourself. Is this weight loss problem in my head or is it in my hormones?
Would you be surprised to learn that an estimated 30 million Americans are unsuccessful at weight loss because of an existing thyroid problem, and not because of a lack of will power or discipline?
Weight loss is regulated by the thyroid.
The thyroid gland is the primary regulator of  your body’s metabolism. If it does not function properly people can have weight loss as well as weight gaining issues.
It plays a distinct role in maintaining body temperature, can adjust the metabolic rate of every cell, controls neurotransmitters in the brain altering your moods, appetite, behavior and emotions.
When the thyroid isn’t doing its job, many people have significant hair loss, or feel cold even though it is warm. When thyroid hormones aren’t regulated the result is often depression, forgetfulness, irritability and trouble losing weight.
An underactive thyroid doesn’t support your body’s metabolic rate and you can become overweight even if you only eat a little food. If you have an underactive thyroid, without treatment weight loss seems hopeless.
Weight loss is difficult or nearly impossible when your metabolism slows to a crawl.
You feel fatigued, and your mind acts like it is in a fog.
Most people do not realize how much thyroid imbalance can effect and change their quality of life. If you are one of those who have struggled with weight loss for many years, you may find relief when you get the proper testing and make the appropriate lifestyle changes.
Addressing Underlying Cause is Important to Losing Weight
Lifestyle Solutions MedSpa’s physician directed weight loss programs enable their physician to monitor and regulate hormone levels, administer required hormone therapy and recommend appropriate individualized lifestyle changes to reactivate the thyroid with the goal of ultimately allowing the body to lose and maintain a healthy weight. The programs focus on addressing not only your weight loss goals, but on treating the underlying cause of your inability to lose and maintain a healthy weight.
“We understand your health and weight struggles”, says Dr. Michael Holloway, the MedSpa’s Medical Director and founder.  “Making the appropriate realistic, healthy and  sustainable lifestyle changes will many times reset the thyroid gland and improve one’s overall metabolic rate, energy levels and success with shedding those undesirable pounds often without the need for additional medication.”
Whether your thyroid is not functioning properly, or you are suffering from diabetes-related issues, high blood pressure, fatigue, or a host of other conditions, our physician-directed programs can help get your health and weight back on track.
At Lifestyle Solutions MedSpa, we dig deep to find the underlying causes of your health issues and weight problems, then our physician and dedicated staff work directly with you to correct your health problems.
Using a physiological approach (meaning we treat your WHOLE body, not just the symptoms you are experiencing), our physician will determine the cause of your symptoms then prescribe an individualized treatment plan to maximize your weight loss success all while optimizing your overall health.
Our program can help your body regulate hormones and revamp the thyroid, resulting in greater weight loss and control. Once your thyroid is reactivated weight loss becomes easier, you feel better, fatigue is replaced with energy, digestive disorders are eliminated, you are able to think more clearly, and you can enjoy an overall healthier lifestyle.
For more information on the programs available at Lifestyle Solutions MedSpa or to schedule a consultation, call 1-844-LIFESTYLE today!
2016 is the year to finally overcome your health and weight struggles…Lose Weight, Look Better, Be Healthy!
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