Wednesday , November 25 2020

“Injected with the fountain of youth!”

“Injected with the  fountain of youth!”I’m a 55 y/o male who still wanted and desired to live an active lifestyle post retirement from serving in the Army for 31 years and 6 months, and now Brandon Stem Cell Clinic has given me the fountain of youth. You see, during my first ten years of service, I was an Infantryman at 135lbs, who’s activities often included monthly road marches of varying degrees of difficulties and distances well beyond 10-12 miles weekly, while carrying almost half my weight during those marches. Soldiers often endure chronic pain as they serve, but their pain is masked with MOTRIN or other NSAID drugs. I once loved being socially active which included but was not limited to, softball, running, football, road biking 20-26 miles or mountain biking with the family, bowling, golfing, fishing, skeet shooting at Lithia Skeet Shooting Range and anything else that my wife could find to keep me busy. My spouse is still serving as an active duty Soldier, and we are so opposite that she is the Yin of the Yang to keep us balanced. So, I began to experience needling pains about four years post retirement which was treated by the steroids in the bursa every six months for a year. The pain levels would normally increase following those treatments but were followed up with injections directly into the joint via X-ray 2-3 months later. I always felt relief from both which lasted 2-3 weeks, but each time the pain started to increase, and subsequent MRIs were indicating loss of cartilage. The orthopedic surgeon indicated during the last procedure that hip replacement would be the next option. I told the surgeon of the option I was considering, and he only said…” Make sure it’s Umbilical Stem Cell”! That sealed my decision.
Dr. Glaros and Leesa Polley at Brandon Stem Cell Clinic were so informative during my initial consultation. I knew that once the injection wore off and if the pain increased again, I only had one option I wanted to consider, the stem cell treatment. The procedure was conducted in office with my spouse in attendance (less than 30 min). The most pain I felt was a pinch, and I walked out as I walked in, just like “Fred Sanford”. There’s no miracle cure when you receive the injection, and I was cautiously optimistic as well as my spouse, but I monitored myself for the “placebo” effect. However, Dr. Glaros was very clear of expectations and timelines (brochure provided) that it could take months, and thus far at 40 days I feel 25% better in strength and length (I can tie my shoelaces). She will provide an at home online rehab program that is very beneficial for targeting and strengthening that joint and or muscle area. In my opinion this has been my most beneficial and difficult part of rehab but has provided the greatest feelings of daily accomplishments. As Dr. Glaros originally informed me, which has come to fruition more than a few times lately, you will say…” wow, “I couldn’t do that before”! I look forward to my continued healing!
If you are looking for an alternative to surgery for hips, knees, and shoulders call Brandon Stem Cell Clinic at 813-800-7836 to see if you might be a stem cell therapy candidate too!
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