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Inpatient Rehabilitative Therapy

Inpatient rehabilitative therapy allows patients to heal in a relaxing, safe environment. If an individual has multiple injuries trauma, surgical complications, or has suffered a stroke or heart attack, it’s usually a good idea to seek inpatient rehabilitation rather than outpatient. This way, the patient and his or her team will focus entirely on their recovery, which will allow for the most beneficial therapy.
The importance of rehabilitating treatment options through Physical Therapy (PT) should not be overlooked. PT can help patients improve their overall physical health and well being in countless ways. Since every patient’s needs are different, many therapies are adjusted to specific patient-centric approaches depending on their individual circumstances. Physical therapists work directly with your physician to evaluate, map out and report on your progress during treatment.
If you have limited functional mobility or musculoskeletal damage, your physician should recommend you for outpatient or inpatient physical therapy to minimize your pain, retrain your muscles, and get you back to the best state of recovery as possible. This includes your movement, correcting imbalance and perfecting your range of motion.
When individuals suffer from a stroke or are healing from a hip or knee replacement, or a fracture many times, it’s fitting to seek medical rehabilitation before returning home. To help patients recover at a safer, more efficient, and at a functional rate, rehabilitation professionals offer support and specific programs geared towards your specific condition. Lutz Healthcare & Rehabilitation therapists have advanced training and experience in meeting the healthcare and emotional challenges of the senior adult.
Their professional therapists and nurses provide skilled care in numerous areas; to name a few, stroke recovery, joint replacement therapy, arthritis management, neurological rehabilitation, vestibular balance therapy & fall management, diabetes management, back pain & spinal conditions, COPD management, and cardiac rehabilitation to name a few.
In addition to programs like speech and occupational therapy, physical therapy is a major contributor to getting patients back into their prior mobile or independent state. However, back pain, arthritis,
vascular disorders, and numerous other conditions contribute to the fact that it’s difficult for many individuals to exercise and to receive traditional physical therapy treatment. The importance of cardiovascular training, building muscle, strengthening bones, and increasing range-of-motion should never be overlooked.
Physical therapy achieved through exercise machines, walking, balance programs, stretching and many other forms of rehabilitation to get your body back into moving with fluidity, increasing a greater range of motion, improving your quality of life and achieving successful remediation of impairments
Lutz Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center serves your rehabilitation needs with state-of-the-art equipment and a fully trained, professional and courteous staff. At Lutz Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center, their specialty practitioners, therapists, nurses, and staff are focused on providing you with the skilled care and therapy you need to get you back to your highest level of function.
Lutz Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center
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If you or someone you know needs inpatient or outpatient rehabilitative therapy, please ask your practitioner for a referral to Lutz Healthcare & Rehabilitation, or contact them directly at (813) 751-0557.

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