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Is Assisted Living the Right Choice?

By Crystal Johnsen –
Is Assisted Living the Right ChoiceIs assisted living the right choice for your loved one?  When you stop by to help mom out or just to visit are you beginning to notice things like a bare refrigerator or spoiled food?  Is she dressed in the same clothes over and over again, or unable to maintain her home as she once could?  Maybe you are beginning to notice that her memory is not as sharp as it used to be and you are afraid she is missing or overtaking her medication.  Whatever has prompted your search for the perfect assisted living community I hope these tips and suggestions on what to look for help you to make a decision you will be proud of.
Where to start?  I think that the best advertisement for any company is word of mouth.  Think about the people you know who have a family member or friend in an assisted living community.  Ask them their opinion on the type of care and environment they feel their loved one is receiving.  I think touring as many different communities as possible is also a great idea.  Every assisted living community company is different, some are huge corporate operations and some are locally or family owned.  All of these details make a difference in how the community is operated.  Find out how long the community has been owned by the particular company running it.  When visiting talk to residents in the halls.  Is the staff friendly and do they take the time to speak with you?  How does the building smell, do the residents appear to be happy?  Do you see activities going on or are the employees interacting with the residents?  Most communities will gladly invite you to enjoy a meal in their dining room.    Dining is a very important part of any resident’s day, most of them look forward to the experience all day long.  Notice how the food is presented and how it taste.  Once you have narrowed down your search and before you make any commitments the most important thing you should do is download the communities reports from the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration or (AHCA)   at www.ahca.mflorida.com.  Here you will be able to review any citations received through the government inspection reports.  If you are unable to go online to retrieve this information, the community by law, is required to present their most recent report to you.
Once you have chosen the perfect assisted living community for your loved one and moving day arises remember to offer your support.  Although you know this is in her best interest, she might not be looking at it as such.  Even if your loved one willingly participated in the decision it is not uncommon for her to feel a sense of loss and fear for the unexpected.  When preparing for the move, allow her to help with the packing this will give her a sense of control and can make this process much easier.  Recognize that moving into a new home recognizes change so be positive, patient, and understanding to her feelings.  Personalizing her new apartment will help her to feel more at home.  Most communities allow you to bring your own furniture and decorations.  After she gets settled in try to call or visit often especially during the first few weeks until she gets acclimated to her new environment.
Assisted living communities are much like a wonderful neighborhood.  In no time she will be enjoying her time with friends, partaking in enriching activities, and receiving the assistance that she needs to lead a fulfilling happy life.
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