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Breast MRI – A Helpful Addition to Screening Mammography

Breast MRI Sometimes mammography by itself is not enough to get a complete health picture and further testing is required. Breast MRI is a painless, radiation-free test that uses a large magnet, radiofrequencies, and a computer to produce exceptionally detailed two-dimensional images of the breasts to provide more information than mammography alone.
Breast MRI can occasionally detect small lesions missed by mammography, so it is most commonly used among women who present an elevated risk for breast cancer. Examples of risks include a family history of the disease, those with the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene, those who have breast cancer cells present in a lymph node, and those with certain genetic disorders. Breast MRI is also helpful among women with breast implants, dense breast tissue, or scar tissue in or around the chest.
Because breast MRI uses no radiation, it can be a preferred test for younger women and for those who might need additional or follow-up testing. “MRI is a great test for women who are at high-risk for breast cancer, have dense breast tissue, or require a more detailed evaluation of their recently diagnosed cancer.” says RAO radiologist Dr. Brian Cartwright.
When breast cancer has been diagnosed, breast MRI is useful in determining how far the cancer has spread and if a lumpectomy or mastectomy would be the most appropriate course of action. It can also help determine if cancer has spread to the opposite breast.
Because MRI uses a strong magnet, is cannot be used among women with implanted pacemakers, certain aneurysm clips and certain other metallic or electrical devices.
Breast MRI is by doctor referral only. RAO offers breast MRI at the Medical Imaging Center at Windsor Oaks. For scheduling, please call RAO at 352-671-4300.

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