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Long Health Insurance Agency Dedicate to Boomers

Long Health Insurance Agency Dedicate to BoomersHealth insurance decisions can be confusing, frustrating and complex to navigate, with seemingly endless changes to policies and laws. Fortunately, there are agencies who care for your best interest and will work diligently to guide and properly inform you – agencies like Best Plan Choice, owned and led by Michael Crotts.
Mr. Crotts’ story of how he found himself in this industry, supports his passion for people and healthcare: “I didn’t choose healthcare, I believe it chose me. During my high school days, I played sports and developed some serious back issues, requiring multiple surgeries. Through my own experience, I learned the value of good health insurance and quality medical care. It also instilled compassion in me for anyone having health issues. Later in life, I had the opportunity to become certified in health insurance. After certifying, I worked exclusively for a health plan and then for an agency, representing several plans. Recognizing the need for an agency dedicated to people with Medicare and Medicaid needs, I opened my own local office. We focused on helping people understand the “ins and outs” of healthcare. Our office is a place where you can drop in, relax with a cup of coffee, and learn about your Medicare plan options. There is never a rush and we are open all year for your customer service needs. Our goal is to help you make the Best Plan Choice.”
Insurance is complicated and ever-changing; new products are being offered every year and many offer coverage for benefits not covered by original Medicare and/or Medicaid plans. Baby Boomers had completely different insurance products during their working years. The indemnity and major medical policies are no longer the only choice and often do not meet the needs of consumers today. Every year, Michael and his team of independent agents spend over a hundred hours in product trainings to become familiar with all the changes and updates which may impact their clients – a service
provided without a fee or charge. Navigating through complex healthcare documentation can become a time-consuming process that can easily overwhelm or confuse you. Michael Crotts and his Best Plan Choice team will sit with you and review all of the documents, and answer all of your questions. Most importantly, they will conduct a needs analysis to determine your individual needs – if you expect a hospitalization, use certain medicines, or want dental or vision type benefits – everything is taken into consideration.
The Best Plan Choice team does not consider their customers to be “just another client.” Often times, they establish great friendships that carry on long after the application has been written. “For example, we socialize, attended sprint car races and even go fishing with some of our loyal customers because we are in the business for the right reason, caring for and helping people,” explains Mr. Crotts.
Best Plan Choice is independent and locally-owned, with no commitment to deliver a certain number of policies to any one insurance company. Owner, Michael Crotts, maintains certification in every major and local health insurance product. (This helps the agency stay current on the information you need to know.) They offer all plan choices, but assist clients in selecting the right choice for them. Their agents are available to meet with customers anywhere in Florida, including their comfortable office in New Port Richey, at their home, or in a public location. (Customers find this to be a huge convenience.)
Expect the Best Plan Choice team to be available long after the policy is written.
This means helping with doctor changes, plan questions, annual review of your benefits, and of course taking great care of any friend or family member you refer.
At Best Plan Choice our clients become friends and our friends become clients.
Address :
7634 Massachusetts Ave
New Port Richey, FL 34653
Number : 727-845-5297

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