Tuesday , March 9 2021

Maintaining a Positive Mindset; Even During a Pandemic

Nichole Brewer, JD, CPC, NLP

Maintaining a Positive Mindset;  Even During a PandemicBeing able to stay positive in everyday life with all of the demands put upon us can already seem challenging. Being able to stay positive during a pandemic can seem completely overwhelming. With constant media coverage, social media posts, and regulations that must be followed, it is no wonder that anxiety and stress levels are increasingly high. When your body reacts to stressful situations, it naturally ignites the sympathetic nervous system, also known as the fight or flight system, to help put your body on high alert. There is no difference in how your body reacts to ominous news such a pandemic or, in some cases, job loss. Your internal systems are, in essence, trying to help you, but it takes awareness and control to benefit from your body’s intuition.

Through my experience in coaching clients to maintain a positive mindset, there is no difference in strategy even when experiencing a worldwide crisis. There are several tips that can be followed in order to maintain a positive outlook during a pandemic or during everyday life. One proven effective way is by having a morning routine that you stay committed to. By doing this, you are able to take control of your day and shift your mindset to what you would like it to be. It is a known fact that reaching for your phone, immediately upon waking up, can instantly shift your mood to a defensive state of mind, thus setting the tone for the hours to follow. In order to ensure starting with a state of mind that can take on a day productively, place your phone or laptop in another room until the morning routine has been completed. Once you have parted with your device, it’s time to focus on mindset and calmness.

How you begin your day in the early hours, can predict the quality of your day into the late-night hours. In order to center yourself and clear your mind, doing some form of meditation or journaling is a great way to start from a clear, calm space. Then, grab your favorite book and allow yourself to get lost in the pages. Next, it is essential to move your body. This releases endorphins, which causes happiness (who doesn’t want more of that?) and will help you get fully ready for the day that lies ahead. This can be done through yoga, a walk, bike ride, jumping jacks, jump rope, or weightlifting.

Finally, daily positive affirmations are the last ingredient to a positive mindset. Write down three statements about something that has been on your mind lately and begin it with “I am.” For example, “I am in control of my thoughts and how I feel.” Once the statements are written, repeat them to yourself as many times as you prefer. Studies have shown that by hearing the same statement repeatedly, your brain begins to believe it is true. This is why it is imperative to tell yourself as many positive thoughts repeatedly until you start to believe yourself.

As you begin to release negative thoughts and allow positive thoughts, you will notice a change in how you think and feel. If you allow yourself to stay detached from the outside world immediately upon waking up, enable yourself to sit in silence, get lost in a great book, allow for your body to move in any way you find enjoyable, tell yourself positive thoughts, and commit to this routine every day, the chances of you maintaining a positive outlook on life, no matter what is going on, will increase significantly.

If you are struggling with maintaining a positive mindset and would like more guidance, please email nichole@mycoachnichole.com.

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