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MANY OF OUR CHILDREN ARE STRESSED,  NOT SLEEPING WELL & SUFFER FROM ANXIETY.  WELLNESS HOLISTIC APPROACH & VIBROACOUSTIC THERAPY MAY HELPOur children are OUR CHILDREN! no matter how old they are. We – parents carry this psychological-emotional role and parents-children bond even when our children are grown up, are independent, already left the home nest, and physically, are far away. We are happy with their happiness, achievement and success, and worry when things get out of control and messy in their lifes.
Many people tend to look with nostalgia to their childhood years, yet some of us still carry an open would from struggling with stress, insomnia & anxiety. In many cases parents were not attentive enough to bodymind interrelation of mental, emotional and physical needs and the impact of the external world in children’s inner world.
Our life nowadays is very dynamic and, in many cases, hectic. Technology and society change so rapidly therefore research about the influence of these changes on a personal and social levels, may not be quick enough to realize their negative effects.
Many children get their smartphone in first/second grade. These are the years that new habits are infused into subconsciousness easily and unfiltered.
Schools justify countless exams and competitive environment as:” preparation for real life”. Social media culture creates an atmosphere of exposure, obsessive request for attention and desire to get more “likes”.
When children get back home, very often parents are not waiting for them because they are at work. They may be hungry, tired and overwhelmed from homework, social interactions and preparation for exams. They may escape challenges by playing video games and become addicted.
The environment at school is not always harmonious. It may be stressful, commuting may be exhausting, and social pressure and bullying may create negative atmosphere that may be harmful to children’s wellness, health & wellbeing.
In high school the above conditions may be magnified.
In college students may accumulate more pressure because many of them need to work in addition to the academic exams and projects’ demands.
The bottom line – stress is here, there and everywhere.
You may say – “that is life” or you may say, “let’s provide self help tools” to reduce mental, emotional and physical stress daily”
Healthy food to nourish the cells
Effective spaces to reduce fatigue and insomnia
Ways to reduce mental, emotional and physical stress daily
Encouraging ways to move the body
Atmosphere to support creativity
Ecosystem for effective conversation and multidisciplinary dialogue
Personal physical space and green eco environment (air circulation, clean water, inspiring design)
Emotional support for individuals’ personal evolvement
Vibroacoustic therapy (Norway/ Finland) is a process in which harmonic low sound frequencies in the range between 30hz-120hz are streamed to special mats, bed frames, pillows and stuffed animals.
The process is very soothing and easy – you simply lie on vibroacoustic therapy mat or hug a pillow or a special stuffed harmonic pet and feel gentle sonic waves hugging you from within. The outcome – less stress, less insomnia or fatigue, less pain, less anxiety. In addition, there is a sense of clearer mind, better mood and calmer body, all with no efforts.
Olav Skille – The inventor of Vibroacoustic therapy was playing his bass in front of children with disabilities. He noticed relief of tension in their physical body and less physical, emotional and mental stress. That encouraged him to create special mats and pillows with vibroacoustic therapy built in. Avigail Berg-Panitz –
the writer and owner of The SoundWell –, was personally trained by Skille and she added the stuffed animals to the arsenal of vibroacoustic therapy equipment.
There is something magic in hugging a teddy bear or a Panda. Children in all ages (and adults) feel a sense of security together with a smile. The harmonic pets’ vibrations are felt as if they hug you back. They serve as emotional support pet. There is a sense they calm bodymind, provide confidence, comfort and initiate a better mood.
SilentSoundSpace TO RECHARGE
Schools with holistic wellness approach should dedicate a special room called SilentSoundSpace. Children and teachers will enjoy experiencing silence and harmony and gentle inner body massage in this sanctuary space or tranquility temple. There are variety of designs for a SilentSoudnSpace (depends on physical location and budget) yet they are all based on vibroacoustic therapy mats / recliners and are isolated from noise and distractions. This is a space of tranquility, serenity and bodymind balance. This is a place in which children and teachers let go of stress, anxiety and fatigue and recharge vitality. Vibroacoustic therapy may minimize bullying, violence and aggressive behavior.
Parents may adopt UnWindMe – a vibroacoustic therapy personal and portable mat and create a SilentSoundSpace at home as well.
From the minute we wake up, we run in the maze of our daily missions: Parents preparing their children and themselves. Children getting ready to school… Business people getting organized to their multiple projects. During the day we accumulate more duties and unexpected interactions… We respond to emails, conversations, messages. Very often, the only time a person is by her/himself is when they are in the restroom… rest-room…
Having silence and a personal space – helps balance and calibrate inner systems. We all need such a space and that is why high-quality sleep is so essential to our mental, emotional and physical systems. That is also why we need a break during the days. – Many societies and cultures have the SIESTA and some schools enable taking a nap. You close your eyes and dis-appear. The problem is that because adults and children are so overwhelmed, they are unable to reset and reboot their body-minds. That is why Vibroacoustic therapy is so effective – it enables taking that calming pause during the day – with no efforts. The outcome is similar to the feeling of recharged vitality after taking a good nap.
Let’s work together to incorporate vibroacoustic therapy as an easy to use, very effective and effortless way to help our children – BE LESS STRESSED, SLEEP BETTER & SUFFER LESS FROM ANXIETY.
Hello I’m Avigail Berg-Panitz – the owner of TheSoundwell vibro-therapy.
I was fortunate to be mentored personally by Olav Skille – the inventor of the original Vibroacoustic therapy (Norway/Finland). We use his original harmonic frequencies compositions in our products – (vibroacoustic therapy mats, pillows and teddy bears), to facilitate inner body massage to organs, tissues and cells.
I’m an energy healer, meditation facilitator, vibroacoustic therapist and wellness-wellbeing life coach. I have MA in Holistic Health from Lesley University.
My perception is based on providing tools for bodymind balance so that you can drive life and enjoy your life journey – your way.
You are welcome to set an appointment with me to map your challenges and together create a plan to clear your mind from clouds of thoughts, emotions, sensations, memories, imagination and belief system that limit your advancement and drain your vitality.
The tools we will be using to dynamically balance mental and emotional systems:
Energy healing, Vibroacoustic therapy, meditation, wellness-wellbeing coaching and expressive-creative writing.
I advise therapists, physicians, chiropractors and individuals of how to dynamically balance bodymind
and integrative vibroacoustic therapy to increase life quality and recharge vitality.
Contact me today to set an appointment

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