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Microcirculation: Your Smallest Vessels can Lead to Cognitive Decline

Robert Martinez, DC
MicrocirculationFor years, medical professionals and researchers have been trying to find the exact cause of Alzheimer’s disease (AD).  Even with the top three speculative triggers, it’s still unclear as to what is causing this devastating disease to rob so many people of their cognition.
The main hallmarks of the disease are attributed to amyloid plaques, cerebral amyloid angiopathy, and neurofibrillary tangles.   While these pathological markers are evident in many individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, they are not always present; consequently, they cannot entirely account for cognitive disorders.
In a recent study, top neurologists and researchers went a few steps further, to shed light on a new discovery in the causes of Alzheimer’s. The study looked at the cerebrovascular pathologies, cardiovascular health, and microvascular disorders.
The Science
According to the study, Morphological and Pathological Evolution of the Brain Microcirculation in Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease, “In order to elucidate the microvascular changes that contribute to aging and disease, direct neuropathological staining and immunohistochemistry, were used to quantify the structural integrity of the microvasculature and its innervation…Taken together, these data suggest a concomitant loss of functional capillaries and brain volume in AD subjects. We also demonstrated a trend of decreasing vesicular acetylcholine transporter staining, a marker of cortical cholinergic afferents that contribute to arteriolar vasoregulation, in AD compared to ND control groups, suggesting impaired control of vasodilation in AD subjects. In addition, tyrosine hydroxylase, a marker of noradrenergic vascular innervation, was reduced which may also contribute to a loss of control of vasoconstriction. The data highlight the importance of the brain microcirculation in the pathogenesis and evolution of AD.”
The results of other similar studies show microcirculation as being a critical component of Alzheimer’s disease.  So what is microcirculation?  The human body contains approximately 100 trillion cells.  Each of these cells relies on energy and ATP to correctly metabolize, communicate with other cells and keep organs and tissues in a healthy state. When these areas are inhibited, that’s when disease form in our bodies and our brains.
The microvasculature (microcirculatory) system is made up of our tiniest blood vessels.  This small map work of arterioles, capillaries, metarterioles, and venules are all connected, and they each have a specific role to play within our vascular structure. These attributes also include a significant emphasis on our vascular and circulatory health. We lose up to 40% of our microcirculation by the age of 50.  A healthy circulatory system pulls free radicals away and gives the cells better oxygen profusion for saturation.
The Brain
The blood-brain barrier has tiny microvascular capillaries that supply energy to grey-matter neurons when these vascular structures are damaged, the brain will begin to show signs of cognitive decline.
In addition to the basics like eating a nutritious diet, exercising and cutting back, or eliminating any harmful habits (like smoking), there are additional supplements that can boost your microcirculatory system, including your brain, heart, and vascular structures.
How to Improve Microcirculation
1. Exercise daily to increase the blood flow through the microvessels and raise the oxygen in the blood. This improved circulation will revive the body’s own natural healing process.
2. Improve peripheral flow and remove toxins with foods, nutrients, and herbs:
3. Supplements and herbal therapy provided by functional medicine physicians
Dr. Robert Martinez
Dr. Robert Martinez works with his patients to get their microvascular system in peak form.  With the proper diagnostic testing and evaluation, he works out a dietary and supplement plan that fits their budget and lifestyle, along with a comprehensive therapeutic algorithm.  He also implements multifocal functional and alternative therapies that are medically recognized to improve his patient’s overall health.
To tailor your individualized plan to better overall health and to ward off diseases and disorders, please call (352) 686-1686 to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Martinez.
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