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Migraines & Headaches: Heal Your Pain Naturally with PEMF Therapy

Migraines & Headaches:  Heal Your Pain Naturally with PEMF TherapyIf you have migraine headaches, you’re not alone. Nine out of ten adults in the U.S. suffer from severe headaches, and women are three times more likely than men to develop migraines. Painful headaches can affect individuals occasionally, frequently, or daily. While some are sharp and piercing, others may be dull and throbbing, but most migraines cause debilitating pain and nausea. What do you do when you suffer from a pounding headache? Usually, NSAIDs like ibuprofen are ineffective at reducing pain, and they certainly don’t address nausea and vomiting that are so commonly associated with migraines.
Several conditions and dietary influences exacerbate headaches and migraines, these include the following:
• Muscle tension
• Allergies
• Bright lights
• Bulged discs
• Cheese
• Chocolate
• Preservatives
• Hormonal imbalance
• Hypermobility syndrome (joint disorder, usually genetic)
• Neck arthritis
• Red Wine
• Sleep deprivation
• Stress
• Strong odors
• Tight neck and shoulder muscles
• Weather conditions (barometric pressure)
PEMF Therapy is FDA Approved for Migraine & Headaches
When PEMF is applied to the head to ease Migraines and Headaches, PEMF is regenerating neurons and neurotransmitters that have been failing, as well as stimulating the production of dopamine in the brain as well as serotonin throughout the body.
We have been receiving Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF), from the Earth, since the day we were born. Every cell in our body requires this electromagnetic energy to properly carry out its functions and communications within our body. PEMF Therapy naturally replicates the electromagnetic fields of the Earth, feeding our bodies the energy necessary to heal and to boost our immune system.
The human body contains approximately 100 trillion cells. Each of these cells relies on electromagnetic energy to stimulate the production of ATP (which is our energy) to correctly metabolize, communicate with other cells and keep organs and tissues in homeostasis or a state of balance. When our body is in homeostasis, we tend to be healthier, have more energy and are prepared to have our bodies heal should injury or pain arise. Specially designed electromagnetic impulses, called Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) can actually help to restore the cells energy and repair damaged cells.
What Causes Dysfunctional Cells?
We were designed to be hunters and gatherers walking barefoot 30 to 40 miles per day to survive. Today the average American spends most of our days on cement slabs, either in our homes or at work, which unfortunately blocks much of the electromagnetic energy the Earth is producing for us. Plus, the average American only walks less than half a mile per day. This combination has led us to become electromagnetically deficient.
Stress, environmental pollution, sedentary lifestyles and poor diet, add to many people becoming affected by illnesses and insufficient energy. However, when electromagnetic fields (PEMF) are applied to the body, it can self-regulate and even self-heal in a much more efficient and greater rate.
If the body is continually exposed to toxins and waste, cell damage will occur. When the cells are fed oxygen and nutrients through the electromagnetic field (PEMF), the waste and toxins will filter out, while increasing energy, oxygen and blood flow to your cells allowing the body to begin to heal.
How PEMF Therapy Heals Pain and Improves Health
Pain is often felt in the body due to some form of inflammation. PEMF Therapy will rapidly begin to decrease inflammation anywhere in the body with pulsed electromagnetic fields that penetrate all the way through the body. Red Blood cells are separated, and arteries are enlarged allowing for better blood flow and greater oxygen throughout the body while detoxing the cellular waste.
But the most important result of a pulsating magnetic field or PEMF, which no other modality can deliver, is to stimulate cell metabolism. This action is thought to cause a chain of processes in the body that could lead to improvement of health without side effects. A cell produces its energy, called ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). This energy is necessary for the function of the body, building up and breaking down molecules, and transporting substances across cell membranes. To produce energy a cell needs oxygen and about 90 other substances including enzymes, glucose, and nutrients. In addition to energy, cells also produce carbon dioxide, water, and waste products. To be able to execute and control all these processes properly, good cell metabolism is required. Therefore, the cell needs a membrane potential of 70 Ð 90 mV (millivolt). Whenever this electrical potential drops, active metabolism is impaired. Low-performance levels and chronic disease are the results. Ultimately, every illness is the consequence of impaired cell metabolism.1
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1. Magna Wave, “Magna Wave PEMF Technology,”, Louisville, KY, 2018
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