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Need to Reduce Your Stress Level? Personalized Meditation and Massage

Need to Reduce Your Stress LevelDid you know that 40 Million people in the United States are suffering from stress, depression and anxiety? If you’re one of them, leaving your disorder untreated can cause significant physical health disorders and diseases to develop, as well as cognitive decline.

Stress leads to other health disorders
From migraines to becoming physically ill, holding stress in can cause immediate disorders to long term dysfunction and conditions to take place. Talking to someone about how you feel can help to relieve stress significantly.

Stress causes Anxiety
Anxiety can break down the immune system leaving your body less able to fight even common viruses. These conditions also make the body physically sick overtime. Finding something that brings you joy this season will relieve stress almost immediately. Try deep breathing and laughter to lift your mood.

Stress leads to isolation
Studies show that being isolated can cause panic attacks, mood swings, depression, loss of memory and even hallucinations. Feeling isolated? Call a friend or sign up for an online course in something you’ve always wanted to learn. Isolation and avoidance are common in people with anxiety. It’s unhealthy for the body, mind and spirit to shut yourself away from the world. If you’ve got a friend that you can do something special with, or you can try volunteering or visiting a neighbor, which can lift the spirit immensely.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety
There are many ways to reduce stress like anti-anxiety drugs, but those are often addictive and have other adverse side effects. Countless people see great results with exercise, yoga, meditation or massage.

Meditation: Neuroscience studies show that regular meditation practice increases improves cellular health, reduces the rate of aging within cells, reduces grey matter deterioration, and increases BDNF (Essential brain-health protein), which neuroplasticity. When done correctly, it puts you in a deep state of calm. The issue many people have is learning how to properly meditate and they can become distracted by the internal worries of the mind or external noise.

Having a professional walk you through guided mediation is very beneficial and offer optimal results from your meditation sessions. You will feel refreshed and renewed and have a sense of calm.

Guided mediation also can help you change negative thoughts and bad habits of negative self-talk. When you change your thoughts, you change your life. Many clients experience deep, profound relaxation, peace, tension release and focus.

Massage: There have been numerous studies on the effectiveness of massage to reduce stress and anxiety. If you suffer from pain and tension, massage can release those points of pressure and help lengthen the muscle and calm the nerves (literally and figuratively).

Kit Pratt offers guided mediation and massage in the Sarasota and Ocala area. If you are in need of stress relief, don’t put it off, now is the time to get your body, mind, and soul settles and balanced.

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