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Signs of Aging or Type 2 Diabetes?

By Denise A. Pancyrz – Diabetes Reversal & Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Speaker, Author

Signs of Aging or Type 2 Diabetes?Symptoms are signs that your body is reacting to something. Do you pay attention or ignore it?

Have you noticed common symptoms such as?
• Fatigue or lack of energy
• Brain fog or inability to concentrate
• Weight gain
• Sleep issues
• Loss of hearing

Too many people regard these types of symptoms as part of the aging process. Did you know that these symptoms can also be a sign of diabetes?

If you are reaching your senior years, it’s easy to assume that your lack of energy is due to aging. It’s also easy to assume during a younger stage in your life that you are tired because of your demanding schedule, not getting proper or a combination of these reasons.

This is also a very common problem with people having diabetes or prediabetes. Glucose is not effectively moving from your bloodstream to your cells so it can be stored for energy to be used at a later time. Rather than thinking of diabetes as a sugar problem consider it an energy problem.

Brain Fog/Concentration
We can confuse our lapse in memory and losing our ability to concentrate for long periods as part of the aging process. Many fear it could be the path to dementia. Over time, high glucose levels can damage blood vessels to the brain resulting in brain fog or difficulty concentrating. With damage to the blood vessels, the brain has to adjust the amount of blood it can use because it may not receive the same level of nutrients.

Weight Gain
Weight gain seems to be an age-old struggle. As we age, it seems more difficult to control our weight. In essence, weight gain is an imbalance of consuming more calories than what your body needs versus how many calories you burn.

Effectively, when insulin levels are increased, this will also cause weight gain. This is the stage where an imbalance has begun with your metabolism faltering when processing sugar. Without stopping high insulin levels, diabetes can be your next diagnosis.

Consider weight gain as the visual sign of current or future ill health.

Sleep Issues
Are you tossing and turning all night? Can’t get a full night sleep?

It could be because your mind is racing from a busy day or your sleeping patterns have changed as you age. And can be due to a sedentary lifestyle. Invariably, diabetes can also be a reason.

Diabetes is associated with higher incidence of sleep disorders, which may be due to disease itself or because of secondary complications associated with diabetes. Shorter sleep duration and erratic sleep behavior have been linked with higher incidence of type 2 diabetes which often includes obesity.

Loss of Hearing
Hearing loss can be due to a specific exposure to loud noise or aging.

Did you know hearing loss is twice as common in people with diabetes? Poorly controlled glucose can damage small blood vessels throughout the body affecting your hearing. Once those small blood vessels are damaged, they cannot recover.

Hearing loss is not the only symptom. Tinnitus, when you hear ringing or buzzing, is twice as common in people with high insulin levels and impaired glucose.

There are many more symptoms of diabetes that can go undiagnosed.

As you notice changes in your physical or mental being, take note. Discuss with your physician if your symptom is the underlying reason for something much bigger. Consider the number of times you purchased over-the-counter treatments to attempt to resolve your symptom.

It may be appropriate to do that. It may be more appropriate to verify the underlying cause sooner rather than later.

It may seem surprising that one disease can be linked to so many symptoms. That is because diabetes is a systemic issue. Diabetes can affect you from head to toe.

Avoid masking your symptoms and identify the underlying source of your issues. If diabetes is the root of your problem, at a minimum, the effects can be greatly improved and reversed naturally. You owe it to yourself to find out.

Denise A. Pancyrz is a national diabetes reversal and holistic lifestyle coach, speaker, and best-selling author of The Virgin Diabetic, Reverse the Effects of Type 2 Diabetes, Reduce Medication, and Improve Your Glucose Levels, available on Amazon. Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, Denise was prescribed four daily insulin shots along with oral medication for diabetes and heart disease. This protocol helped to bring her glucose levels down, however, she did not feel as healthy and vibrant as expected. After changing her protocol by learning to rest and preserve her pancreas, she was able to eliminate all medication and insulin, regaining her energy.

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