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Neurocognitive Testing After an Accident is Essential!

Neurocognitive Testing After  an Accident is Essential!Anyone involved in an auto accident or traumatic injury can be subject to brain injury. These include closed head trauma, concussions, amnesia, to learning issues or memory recall injuries, which can be short or long term. If you or someone you know has had any trauma to the head, it’s critical to be proactive and seek medical care, which will include a physical examination and possibly diagnostic imaging to rule out contusions, concussions or more severe brain injuries. Likewise, if it is a critical traumatic event, call 911 immediately.
Village Medical Injury Care specialists are experts in neurocognitive testing for post-accident related cases. They offer cutting-edge, comprehensive testing to make certain that their patients receive the most accurate diagnosis and treatment available.
The skull is meant to protect the brain, but it is sometimes unable to shield the brain from damage with excessive force or trauma. When the brain makes contact with the skull, there is an increased risk of blood vessel tearing and bruising (contusion) that can also affect the nerves within the brain. If the damage is severe, the brain may begin to swell within the skull, limiting blood flow. This is extremely life-threatening and can lead to a stroke due to lack of oxygen and glucose. A concussion can occur from a mild blow to the head, either with or without loss of consciousness. There are also risks of skull fractures, and bone fragments injuring the brain.
According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, a hematoma is a blood clot that collects in or around the brain. If active bleeding persists, hematomas can rapidly enlarge. Like brain swelling, the increasing pressure within the rigid confines of the skull (due to an enlarging blood clot) can cause severe neurological problems and can even be life-threatening. Some hematomas are surgical emergencies. Small hematomas can sometimes go undetected initially but may cause symptoms and require treatment several days or weeks later. Issues with confusion or memory recall are all common in brain injury cases.
Getting the proper neurocognitive testing that will precisely diagnose your disorder is critical for your long term mental health and your legal case.
Important Steps
If you’re injured in an accident, call 911 or ask another individual to do so on your behalf. If you are seriously injured, try not to move and wait for emergency personnel. Do not admit fault to anyone. It’s essential to consult an attorney whenever you have an accident. Get to a medical facility for a post-accident checkup. Remember that you only have 14 days from the date of the accident to have a checkup!
It’s REALLY important for patients who are injured in any type of auto-accident, slip and fall, or workman’s comp incident, to see an injury care doctor ASAP after their accident. Many injury symptoms do not appear immediately, and if you wait to see the doctor, insurance may not cover your injury treatment.
Contact Village Medical Injury Care right away to schedule an appointment—Don’t wait!
Village Medical Injury Care
The Village Medical Injury Care board-certified medical physicians and specialists have been providing the necessary medical services for people who have been in auto accidents, slip and fall’s, and workers’ compensation type cases. Their expertise in terms of your health and recovery include the necessary protocol, documentation and follow-up for your recovery plan and optimal health.
Owen D. Fraser, M.D.
General Surgeon
Village Medical Injury Care (“VMIC”) and the Medical Injury Care Provider Network, now serving The Villages®, is under the direction of Owen D. Fraser, M.D. Dr. Fraser has more than 40 years of experience treating and caring for injured patients in the Central Florida area. After attending medical school at the University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica, Dr. Fraser went on to complete his residency and general surgery fellowship at Columbia University Medical Center and Harlem Hospital in New York City, New York. He continues to practice in Central Florida, including out of his new flagship clinic in Lady Lake, Florida, where he focuses on personal injury care, medical rehabilitation, and other medical care. VMIC, under Dr. Fraser’s direct supervision, offers state of the art advanced medical therapies to allow for individual medical treatment plans to be developed, guiding our patients toward a timely recovery.
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