Tuesday , April 13 2021

New Cancer Therapy is Changing Lives

By Dr. Stan Headley
New Cancer Therapy is Changing LivesThe cancer world needed a game-changing product to give cancer patients more than just a “fighting chance” to survive cancer and the aggressive therapies used to kill cancer cells.  Patients have two great fears, first is the fear of the cancer itself, and the second is the fear of treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.  CellAssure is the game changer we’ve all been looking for!
Statistics show that 85% of cancer patients lose weight while 20-40% of cancer patients actually die from severe weight loss or a condition called cancer cachexia – not the cancer itself!  You must win both the battle with the cancer as well as preventing the weight loss and debilitating weakness from cachexia.  It is also crucial to understand that just because you may be overweight does not mean you are even remotely protected from cancer weight loss and cachexia.
Medical nutrition is proving to be the answer and the leader in medical nutrition made specifically for oncology patients is CellMark Biopharma.  After years of research they’ve developed a revolutionary, non-drug medical nutritional product that is producing extraordinary results affirming the amazing clinically proven results from the chosen ingredients.  The following provides a sample of the ingredients and their benefits that make up their patent-pending CellAssure formula.
Beta Glucan 1,3/1,6 – Decrease the size of the lung, liver and breast tumors in over 60% of patients when combined with chemotherapy then just chemotherapy alone!  Works synergistically with anti-tumor monoclonal antibody therapy for greater results.
HMB – shown to increase LBM in 4 weeks in patient with cancer cachexia! As a combination therapy it is effective in increasing bodyweight in weight-losing patients with advanced stage 4 cancer!
Curcumin + Copper 2 – Demonstrated to be particularly effective for gastrointestinal (GI) cancers including oral cancer, stomach, colon, liver, as well as, multiple myeloma (bone cancer), and pancreatic cancer!
Pterostilbene – promotes cancer cell death via a mechanism involving lysosomal membrane permeabilization.
Silibinin – studies have demonstrated clearly that silibinin is effective in many types of cancers, including prostate, breast, lung, oral and osteosarcoma.
CellAssure is a simple once a day drink created from direct requests by physicians, dietitians and patients battling cancer.  CellAssure’s ingredients have been clinically proven to:
• Demonstrate Anti-Cancer / Anti-tumor effects
• Provide needed nutrition for cancer patients without adding sugar
• Improve immune system response
• Maintain or increase appetite
• Increase LBM (lean body mass)
• Reduce stress / anxiety and lower cortisol levels
• Provide relief with nausea/vomiting and diarrhea
• Mitigate anemia and improve my liver function
Cancer is a multi-faceted disease that attacks the body in many ways causing multiple serious side effects, each which needs to be addressed aggressively in order for the patient to maintain their health. CellAssure’s mission is simple – keeping cancer patients as healthy as possible so their oncologist can kill their cancer with the least amount of side effects/health issues/problems.
Cancer weight loss is associated with poor out-comes for cancer patients—reduced response to therapy, reduced ability to deliver full doses of chemotherapy, stoppages of cancer therapies, increased toxicity, more complications and infections, lower quality of life, and reduced survival.
CellAssure gives patients the essential daily medical nutrition needed to maintain their bodyweight and allow their body to better withstand the rigors of cancer treatments.  Remember – staying as healthy as possible allows you to fight cancer without having to stop critical oncology therapies and protocols.
Proper identification of nutrition problems and treatment of nutrition-related symptoms have been shown to stabilize or reverse weight loss in 50% to 88% of oncology patients.
When do I start taking CellAssure?
While most people think that their ‘Day of Diagnosis’ is when their battle with cancer begins – we know better. The fact is on the ‘Day of Diagnosis’ their body has already been compromised by the cancer and their nutritional challenges have already started. Cancer has already started waging war and the need for additional nutritional medication is now.  It is recommended that you start taking CellAssure from your day of diagnosis forward.  Proper nutrition is something helpful regardless of where you are in the cancer process.  Of course following a healthy diet along with CellAssure makes the most sense and your healthy eating should continue even after you’ve won your battle against cancer!
CellAssure delivers on a level that brings smiles to patients, their families, as well as the physicians taking care of them – and as cancer patients we need a reason to smile. We need a reason to believe that we can overcome, conquer and beat cancer head on.
There has never been a product like CellAssure before because there never has been a company like CellMark Biopharma™.   CellMark Biopharma™ is the leader in advanced medical nutrition for all cancer patients offering unique products for cachexia, Cell-
Assure, and chemo brain, Cognify (chemotherapy induced cognitive decline).
For more information visit: CellMarkBiopharma.com or call 888-444-7992.

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