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PEMF THERAPY to Unlock Complex Conditions

PEMF THERAPY to Unlock Complex ConditionsPEMF therapy ‘clears a path’ to the cells by blocking the things that could prevent Functional Medicine remedy from getting into the cells.
It does that by decreasing inflammation and increasing circulation, which allows the remedy to make its way to the cells.
It then opens up the cell’s membrane to allow the remedy to make its way into the cells. Opening up the membrane also allows toxins to flow out of the cells.
PEMF therapy also increases ENERGY at the cellular level. This is why PEMF therapy and Functional medicine are the right combination for even the most difficult chronic conditions.
PEMF therapy is a natural, non-invasive therapy that uses pulsed magnetic fields to reverse the 5 underlying causes associated with virtually every chronic condition known to man; Inflammation, Poor Circulation, Cellular Toxicity, Blocked Receptor Sites, and Low Cellular Energy.
PEMF therapy is safe and effective. It has many FDA approvals for a variety of conditions and is currently being used by NASA and has ZERO reported long-term side effects.
Our patients have described PEMF therapy as “feeling like a deep tissue massage that leaves you feeling relaxed and energized.”
Not all PEMF devices are the same. This creates confusion because all PEMF device manufacturers reference the same medical studies as proof of what their device can do.
Having used dozens of PEMF devices, it is my opinion that only one PEMF device has the power and flexibility to reproduce the types of results seen in the studies – and that would be the Magna Wave Pro.
So, if you have used a different device and didn’t see the results that you expected to see, you should try the Magna Wave Pro before you dismiss PEMF therapy altogether.
Jim Cornes tells how PEMF therapy for neuropathy is helping his pain after he suffered a stroke.
“I started using PEMF Therapy 2 years ago after a medullary stroke that left me in ICU for 13 days. Initially it helped me just to feel better in general and help my body heal. Currently I use it to subside my neuropathy pain so that I don’t have to take heavy prescription medications just to function through my day and to sleep well at night.” – Jim Cornes
To find out more about PEMF Therapy and how it can help you heal your pain, please call iPulse – PEMF Wellness Center today at 352-387-9584 or visit

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