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Regenerative Medicine: Dr. Maharaj Makes House Calls—Virtually

Stem cells have a remarkable ability to exacerbate healing and they provide multiple antiaging mechanisms. Numerous studies and patients purport healing of joints, soft tissue disorders, improved range of motion, diminished pain, and antiaging results.

With the Maharaj Institute you not only receive optimal care, but you can achieve optimal results due to the unprecedented training and experience level of Dr. Maharaj and the practitioners.

Along with excellence in care, the Maharaj institute has implemented several “house call” services for their patient’s exclusive needs.

Regenerative Medicine
Stem cells can help to regenerate new cells and replace diseased cells. At the Maharaj institute, they have helped numerous individuals with cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease, dementia and Parkinson’s reverse the signs of these disorders. The first step is to make an appointment to get your immune system tested. The second step is to have a customized plan for your specific needs mapped out, and of course, receive any treatment that you might need. The final step is to bank your stem cells.

Stem Cell Cryobank: Why should you collect your peripheral blood adult stem cells?
Collecting your peripheral blood adult stem cells today is like creating a time machine for your immune system. It’s a bit like a computer back up; by banking your stem cells, you have a “backup” to help restore the bone marrow and a compromised immune system through adult stem cell therapy if ever needed.

All body cells age, including the stem cells. The pool of stem cells in the bone marrow is continuously undergoing a process of self-renewal and differentiation. During this process, there is always the risk of genetic damages and/or other cellular damages.

Just the act of aging is enough reason to collect and store your stem cells in a cryogenic bank. As people age, so does their immune system, thereby increasing the risk of infections and the potential development of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Another reason why stem cells should be collected and stored is that with aging, the number of functional stem cells decreases. Further, as people get older, their stem cells also tend to lose their ability to differentiate into new cell lines, including much-needed immune cells.

The good news? By collecting and banking your stem cells—especially while you are healthy—you are collecting a large number of stem cells and an array of differentiated cell lines, including the ones committed to form immune cells. Banking those cells provides the assurance that those frozen cells will not age and they will be available for you at a later date should you ever need to reset your immune system.

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Therefore, harvesting and storing your healthy immune system for later use, or first boosting it, then storing it can be the best insurance for later in life. Some of our Cryobank clients have said, “it’s like having your younger twin on standby to help”!

About The Maharaj Institute
Through a science-based approach, The Maharaj Institute focuses on helping all people—the healthy and those facing health issues—in the following ways:

• Providing everyone the opportunity to monitor, adjust and manage the health of their own immune system through a Wellness Anti-Inflammatory Program in the interest of living healthier and longer lives through health preservation.
• Giving those at risk today the means to battle disease and potentially avoid it tomorrow, including those who are cancer survivors but are at higher risk of future bouts with the disease.
• Measuring and developing strategies to improve immune dysfunction which occurs in patients suffering from cancer, recurrent infections, chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, stroke, scleroderma and other autoimmune and chronic illnesses as well as disorders associated with aging and frailty.
• Helping the seriously ill regain their natural immune ability to fight and overcome aggressive diseases such as cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases.
• Preservation of Stem Cells/Immune Cells of healthy individuals by Collecting and Storing in a cryogenic bank adult and cord blood stem cells for future use.
• Educating health care professionals and conducting research to improve survival and quality of life of patients.

As we move into the new paradigm of personalized and precision medicine, the Maharaj Institute is uniquely positioned to combine years of clinical and laboratory experience with new innovations in Immunotherapy, Cellular Therapy and Regenerative Medicine, all while giving patients the highest level of compassion, professionalism and respect.

Become a Maharaj Institute Patient—Experience World Class Care Virtually or in-office— Schedule Your Appointment Today!


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