Tuesday , March 9 2021

Reliance Medical Centers – Serving the Whole Community for the Greater Good

Reliance Medical Centers –During times of adversity, you can tell the real character of an organization. An example of passionate corporate leadership is when a company not only rises to the challenge but is also able to plan for the future. It is easy to see that Reliance Medical Centers is stepping up for their employees and the community.

As soon as Reliance Medical Centers identified COVID-19 was going to have a significant impact on our community, they knew that as a primary healthcare facility, they only had one option, to step up and support the community as a whole.

As a medical center specializing in healthcare for seniors, Reliance is not just supporting its patients; it’s supporting any seniors across Polk County that need help. Here are just some of the services Reliance is providing across the community.

Phone Consults
This service is available to any senior that wants to consult with a doctor or registered nurse about a condition they may be experiencing. The service will ensure that no matter what, every 65+ adult can gain direct access to a doctor regardless of their insurance provider.

Drive by and Call-out testing services
If a patient calls in and is identified as needing a test, Reliance has set up both a drive-by test service and a mobile clinical team that will go to the patient to take a sample for immediate testing. It allows a patient to remain isolated. Smart!

Introduction of a specific COVID-19 triage protocol
Reliance has introduced a new service to address COVID-19 concerns safely. By merely calling Reliance, a medical professional will triage and advise anyone worried about being a carrier or has come in contact with the virus. This service is open to anyone in Polk county.

Remote Medical Concierge Services
Reliance has launched a COVID-19 Monitoring Program where tested patients receive monitoring calls from a Personal Medical Concierge every 24-48hrs until test results are obtained. Reliance is offering medical support and guidance during and after the test results to ensure safety and maximum recovery.

Food Parcel Delivery Services
Reliance Medical Centers has generously donated their chauffeur-driven vehicles and drivers to local charities and non-profits to aid in supporting the delivery of food to seniors in need.

Prescription Delivery Services
Reliance’s Transportation Team is also delivering prescriptions to any senior in Polk County, regardless of insurance or primary care provider. Reliance has made it clear they are here to meet the needs of the community during this difficult time.

Virtual Wellness Club
Reliance has always promoted wellness and healthy living outside of the exam room. To adapt to the stay-at-home order, Reliance Wellness Club is offering a Virtual Wellness Club where Wellness Professionals communicate regularly with participants providing motivation, encouragement, and enrichment so that our seniors can remain healthy and happy at home.

Community Resource Center Support
Reliance’s Resource Center is still up and running. They can assist with government funding applications as well as connect those in need with local resources.

Remote Wellbeing Advisory Service
Many people are experiencing high levels of anxiety and stress during these unsettling times. The result of this can lead to other physical and mental conditions. To help seniors across the Polk County community, Reliance has set up its Wellbeing Advisory Service so that it can operate remotely, providing phone consults to anyone across the county that needs support. This service is proving to be a big help to many seniors across the county.

Reliance Medical Centers is a prime example of how a leading organization can step up to meet the challenges facing a whole community and go above and beyond the call of duty – Good Job Reliance!

Reliance Medical Centers

3655 Innovation Dr.
Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm
Saturday: 9am – 1pm
Lab: 7am – 4pm

Winter Haven
111 Avenue A SE
Monday – Friday: 8am – 5pm
Lab: 7am – 4pm


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