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Rid the Stress Before Spring

Stress Before SpringStress is common year-round, but the winter season can be a particularly difficult time for many. The cooler temperatures, rainy days, and not as much sunlight as we are accustomed to are all potential stressors. With spring just around the corner, many people become overwhelmed with annual “spring cleaning” routines. This time of year, cleaning can take on many forms: whether you are cleaning your home or office, organizing your calendar, or preparing to start eating a clean healthier diet you can easily become stressed with the amount of work ahead of you.
If you are looking to relieve tension or searching for a great gift idea for the busy person in your life, why not consider a gift of membership for the Massage Envy Spa Wellness Plan? A Massage Envy Spa Wellness membership allows the recipient to relax and be pampered throughout the year, especially during the high stress periods we all encounter.
While momentary stress can be a good thing by helping the body to react quickly by releasing adrenaline and cortisol, prolonged exposure to stress and the continual release of these stress hormones can lead to negative physical and behavioral changes. People suffering from stress may find themselves prone to outbursts, over- or under-eating and withdrawal from social situations. They may also experience anxiety, irritability, a lack of focus or motivation, restlessness and depression. Stress can even lead to physical symptoms such as chest pain, headache, muscle pain, sleeplessness and digestive problems.
Research has shown that massage can offer relief from the symptoms of stress. Massage therapy relaxes the muscles, lowers heart rate and blood pressure, and increases the production of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. The release of the brain chemicals serotonin and dopamine also lead to a feeling of calm relaxation.
Clinical studies have shown that even a single 1½ hour session of therapeutic massage can lower the heart rate and levels of stress hormones. And a recent study conducted by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles showed that patients who received massage therapy had increases in their white blood cell count, indicating a more active immune system.
By encouraging relaxation and lowering blood pressure, a therapeutic massage from a Massage Envy massage therapist can provide immediate relief from the stresses and worries of the everyday life.
The Massage Envy Spa Wellness Program includes one customized massage every month, with discounts for additional massages, products and more. If you want to give the gift of relaxation and stress relief this spring, visit your nearest Massage Envy Spa.
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